Instruction for Courses

Are you assigning a research paper or project? Do your students have the skills or experience to complete the assignment? Library research instruction can help your students improve their research skills and be successful in their coursework. Please use the link below to contact the Library about our teaching programs.

Library Instruction

Types of Library Instruction

Librarians can introduce students to research tools and methods to help them locate authoritative primary and secondary sources. Our Center for Digital Scholarship can highlight topics such as data management, text mining, data visualization, or creating online exhibit. Programs are a great opportunity for students to meet and consult with our expert librarians who can provide guidance and support.

Instruction sessions can last an entire class session, span multiple class sessions, or can be as short as 15 to 20 minutes (depending on the topic). Instruction can be provided live via Zoom, or recorded for asynchronous learning. Flipped classroom options (recorded sessions with live, in-class activities) are also available.

Using Library Collections in Your Teaching

The Library has many wonderful online collections for use in assignments and teaching. Our librarians can provide suggestions of digital collections to use in your teaching while many of the Library’s collections are not available in person.

Digital Scholarship Services

The Center for Digital Scholarship can work with faculty to design a full suite of classes and hands-on workshops, and online tutorials exploring various digital tools, methodologies, and platforms, and we are happy to work with you to support a specific class project or outcome.

Center for Digital Scholarship Services