UChicago Faculty, Students, & Staff

Services & Policies Have Changed

Library services and policies on this page have been updated in response to the COVID-19 emergency.

UChicago Card Pickup Appointment Option

In addition to walk-in service during ID & Privileges Office hours, UChicago faculty, students, and staff who are currently active on campus may also register for an appointment to pick up a UChicago Card from the ID & Privileges Office.

See UChicago Card Pickup for more details and to schedule an appointment.

Limited Access - UChicago Students, Faculty, & Staff Only

Library buildings are offering on-site services only for UChicago faculty, other academic appointees, postdocs, students, and staff with a current UChicago ID. See Library Hours for details by location.

Everyone entering library buildings is expected to follow the current University of Chicago Health Pact, which includes wearing a face covering regardless of vaccination status.

Borrowing & Electronic Resources (UChicago Students, Faculty, & Staff Only)

At this time, only current University of Chicago faculty, students, and staff are eligible to borrow from the Library's collections, either in person or via Paging & Pickup.

Most electronic resources are also limited to current University of Chicago faculty, students, and staff, due to licensing restrictions.

Others who wish to consult materials from our collections are encouraged to contact their local academic or public library to request materials via their Interlibrary Loan service.

UChicago Faculty, Student, and Staff

The University of Chicago Library offers faculty, academics, students, and staff access to all campus libraries, on and off campus access to electronic resources, and borrowing privileges.

For most users affiliated with the University of Chicago, your UChicago Card is your library card.

Library privileges for new and current faculty, academics, students, and benefits eligible staff are created and updated automatically. If you believe your privileges have expired in error, please contact the ID & Privileges Office.

Access to Electronic Resources

Current faculty, academics, registered students, and benefits eligible staff have both on-campus and off-campus access to online resources.

Faculty & Academics

Library privileges for faculty and academic employees are created automatically. The statuses of faculty and academics are determined by the Provost. If you are unsure of your official status or designation, please contact your departmental administrator.

Annual borrowing privileges

The following types of faculty and academics are eligible for annual borrowing privileges with unlimited online renewals:

  • Tenured, Tenure-Track, and non-Tenure Track Faculty
  • Clinical Faculty
  • Retired and Emeritus Faculty
  • Research Associates (with rank)
  • Senior Research Associates
  • Research and Senior Scientists
  • Librarians
  • Senior Lecturers

Proxy Borrowers

Faculty and academics with annual borrowing privileges may request to establish another person as a proxy borrower. This person is able to borrow Library items on behalf of the faculty member, with the same loan periods and privileges that said faculty would have in person. The proxy borrower may also be able to view all information in the faculty member's library account via My Account. The faculty member may also request that the proxy borrower be able to request items via Interlibrary Loan on the faculty member's behalf. All items borrowed or requested by the proxy borrower are the responsibility of the faculty member who has authorized the proxy borrower. A faculty member may have up to three proxy borrowers at any one time.

This privilege is intended to help faculty in their research work for the University, not for any other purpose. Faculty must have a library account in good standing in order to request or renew a proxy borrower.

To request a proxy borrower or renew an existing proxy borrower account, use the Proxy Borrower Request form.


Dependents of faculty and academics are not eligible for privileges at this time.

Quarterly borrowing privileges

The following types of academics are eligible for quarterly borrowing privileges:

  • Research Associates
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • MBL Associated Researchers (Marine Biological Laboratory)
  • Fellows
  • Lecturers
  • Departmental Associates
  • Visiting Faculty and Scholars
  • Post-Docs


Quarterly borrowing privileges for students registered in a degree program are created and updated automatically. Other students should consult the categories below.

Incoming Students

Incoming students should see UChicago Card Pickup for more details and to schedule an appointment.

Borrowing privileges are not available until a UChicago Card is issued.

Unregistered Students and Students on a Leave of Absence

Unregistered students and students on a leave of absence may establish access only privileges by obtaining authorization from the Dean of Students' Office and contacting the ID & Privileges Office. All borrowed items must be returned in order to establish access privileges.

Quarterly borrowing privileges may be purchased for $100 per quarter (does not include remove access to electronic resources, Interlibrary Loan, or Scan & Deliver services) with authorization from the Dean of Students' Office.

Prospective Students

The Library is unable to admit prospective students for on-site visits at this time.

UChicago Laboratory Schools Students

See UChicago Laboratory Schools Students for more information.


Quarterly borrowing privileges for benefits eligible staff are created automatically. Other staff should consult the categories below.

UChicago Medical Center Staff (Benefits Eligible)

UChicago Medical Center staff who receive a UChicago Medical Center badge rather than a UChicago Card must schedule a time to pick up a Campus Card from the ID & Privileges Office before using Library services and spaces.

UChicago Medical Center staff are eligible for quarterly borrowing privileges.

Retired Staff

The Library is unable to extend access or borrowing privileges to retired staff at this time.

Non-Benefits Eligible Staff

The Library is unable to extend access privileges to non-benefits eligible staff at this time.

Spouses and Civil-Union Partners

The Library is unable to extend privileges to spouse of civil-union partners of faculty, students, or staff at this time.

Guests of Faculty, Academics, Students, and Staff

Guests are not permitted into Library buildings at this time.

Access to Libraries at Other Institutions

Current faculty, academics, students, and benefits-eligible staff may be eligible for access or borrowing privileges for libraries at other institutions. Note that privileges may vary based on library, so please contact the library you wish to visit to confirm what privileges you may establish at another institution.

Information for Patrons with Disabilities

We are committed to providing access to both our physical and electronic resources to users with disabilities; see Information for Patrons with Disabilities.