Fines & Lost Items

To view your outstanding fines and fees, log into My Library Account and select Fines.

Users are responsible for paying all outstanding fines and other fees.

Paying Fines

You may pay with a Visa, MasterCard, or NFC payment method such as Apple Pay or Google Pay in person at Regenstein Circulation, Crerar Circulation, or the ID & Privileges Office. Regenstein Circulation and ID & Privileges also take Visa and MasterCard payments over the phone.

You may also pay in person by cash or check at the Circulation desks at Regenstein, Crerar, D'Angelo, and SSA libraries or at the ID & Privileges Office.

Payments cannot be accepted at Eckhart or Mansueto libraries at this time.

Paying by Check

Checks should be made payable to "The University of Chicago Library." If a payment by check does not clear due to insufficient funds or a stop payment request, the original fee will be reinstated and a $50 returned check fee will be added to your account.

To pay by mail, send a check to our mailing address (see Returning Items by Mail).

Overdue Fines

UChicago Library items on standard loan do not incur overdue fines unless recalled.

Other items, including Interlibrary Loan items from other institutions, will incur daily or hourly fines (see Due Dates & Loan Periods) to a maximum of $100.

Overdue fines are charged at the time items are returned.

Damaged Item Fee

The fine for damaged items will be determined by library staff up to the full replacement value of the item, depending on the damage.

Fines for damaged Interlibrary Loan items from other institutions are determined by the lending library, not University of Chicago Library staff.

Lost Item Fee

Items that are long overdue will eventually be billed as lost.

Lost item fee: $150 per item minimum

The lost item fee may be increased at the discretion of Library staff for an item whose value exceeds $150.

Returning a lost item will result in a waiver of the lost item fee; however, any overdue fines incurred for that item will remain.

Paying a lost item fee will remove an item from your account; no overdue fines will be charged.

Providing a Replacement Copy for a Lost Item

In lieu of the lost item fee, the Library will accept a replacement copy of a lost or damaged item.

A $35 processing fee will be assessed per item, to cover the costs associated with adding the replacement copy to the collection.

A replacement copy must be new or used in Very Good condition (clean, unmarked, and untorn with an intact spine and binding) or better. Former library copies are generally not acceptable.

A replacement copy must also match the lost item to the satisfaction of the subject librarian, based on the following criteria: title; author; editor; translator; edition; pagination; ISBN or ISSN

Not all lost Interlibrary Loan items are eligible for replacement. If you've lost an Interlibrary Loan item and would like to provide a replacement copy, contact Interlibrary Loan.

Replacement copies should be brought to a Circulation supervisor or sent to our mailing address (see Returning Items by Mail).

When mailing a replacement copy to the library, please include your name and contact information, as well as something that identifies the item as a replacement, so we can process the book correctly and credit your account.

Refunds for Lost Item Fees and Replacement Copies

If you find and return an item within one year of paying the lost item fee, contact Circulation to request a refund of the lost item fee. Any refunds will be applied first to any outstanding fines and other fees owed to the Library before the remaining balance is issued.

If you find and return an item after providing a replacement copy or after the Library has purchased a replacement, the Library will return either the replacement copy or the original Library item. It will be at the Library's discretion which copy is retained by the Library. The replacement copy processing fee is non-refundable.

Appealing Fines, Claiming Items Returned, Reporting Loss or Damage

Please use the Fine Appeal and Claim Form to appeal any fines you feel were assessed in error, to claim that you've already returned, or never borrowed, an item checked out to your account, or to report a lost or damaged item. Library staff will review your appeal/claim and grant or deny it based on surrounding circumstances, including your overall library record. Items claimed returned will be searched for by library staff twice over a 4-6 week period; if not found, library staff will bill the item as lost on your account or declare the item missing.

Account Suspension

An outstanding balance of $50 or more will result in the temporary suspension of borrowing and renewing privileges.

Restriction at the University Registrar

In addition to the suspension of borrowing privileges, current and former students who owe the Library $100 or more on Monday of the sixth week of the quarter will be restricted with the University Registrar, which will prevent future enrollment and access to other University services (including transcript requests) until these charges are paid.

Current students who owe the Library $100 or more on Monday of the sixth week of the quarter they are scheduled to graduate will not receive a diploma until these charges are paid, although they will be allowed to participate in commencement exercises.

Current students who owe the Library $250 or more on Monday of the sixth week of the quarter they are scheduled to graduate will not receive a diploma or be allowed to participate in commencement exercises until these charges are paid.

University Registrar restrictions caused by library charges will be lifted one business day after library charges are paid; if you need restrictions lifted in less than one business day, please contact the ID & Privileges Office or call 773-702-3344.