The Chicago Online Encyclopedia of Mamluk Studies

The Chicago Online Encyclopedia of Mamluk Studies is an ongoing project of the Middle East Documentation Center and is a key component of the MEDOC Cluster of Mamluk Studies Resources.

It is currently undergoing a complete redesign and is temporarily unavailable. When the new version is ready, an announcement will be posted to the Mamluk listserv and other relevant sites and mailing lists.

The Chicago Online Encyclopedia of Mamluk Studies is intended as a definitive reference source for topics having to do with the study of Egypt and Syria from 1250 to 1517, and complements existing resources. It will fill lacunae in existing resources such as the Encyclopedia of Islam. The Encyclopedia will eventually provide, in addtition to articles, materials which are difficult--or even impossible--to contain and update in printed resources. These include interactive maps, architectural plans, high-resolution photos (full-color when possible), archaeological results and diagrams, searchable full-text Arabic sources from the Mamluk period (including hundreds of documents and manuscripts which remain unpublished and therefore unavailable to the scholarly community), a glossary of Mamluk terminology in Arabic and English, and an index of names, terms, and other items in all back issues of Mamluk Studies Review. The Encyclopedia will be fully searchable, and will feature topic indexes for browsing as well as hyperlinked cross-references within articles.

The editors of the Encyclopedia are:

Bruce Craig (University of Chicago)
Bethany J. Walker (Missouri State University)
Olaf Nelson (University of Chicago)

Guidelines for contributing authors
Unicode fonts for transliteration and multilingual computing, as well as downloadable keyboard layouts to simplify entry of diacritics

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