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This bibliography includes items on Arabian horses primarily from the collections in The John Crerar Library.  For additional location information, please contact the Crerar Reference Department.  Some resources are available online in full text; these references include a link.

A list of books in the collection of the National Agricultural Library (United States) called  "Horses in History," is also available, and may contain additional materials related to  the Arabian Horse.




Abou Bekr Ibn Bedr. La Perfection Des Deux Arts Ou Traité Complet D'hippologie Et D'hippiatrie Arabes.... Paris: Mme. Viude Bouchard-Huzard, 1852.
Fulltext from HathiTrust

Adams, Ora Robert. Lameness in horses. 2d edition. Philadelphia, Lea & Febiger, 1966. 563 p.
619.1 X601

American Stud Book; containing full pedigrees of all the imported thorough-bred stallions and mares, with their produce, including the Arabs, Barbs, and Spanish horses, to the end of the year 1872;also, all the native mares and their produce. Alphabetically arranged, with an appendix. Ed. by Sanders D. Bruce and L.C. Bruce. New York, 1873. 2 vol.
636.1 N303

Ammon, Karl Wilhelm. Historical reports on Arab horse breeding and the Arabian horse: collected reports from early travellers to Arabia. Hildesheim, New York, Olms Presse, 1993.
SF293.A8 A656

Ammon, Karl Wilhelm, 1777-1842. Nachrichten Von Der Pferdezucht Der Araber Und Den Arabischen Pferden: Nebst Einem Anhange über Die Pferdezucht In Persien,Turkomanien Und Der Berberei. Nürnberg: Riegel, 1834.
Fulltext from HathiTrust

Arab horse in Gt. Britain and Ireland; some typical camera portraits. London, J.A. Allen, 1964. 102 p. (chiefly illus). Portraits selected by the Arab Horse Society.
636.11 X401

Arab horse news. v.5-12 1952-1960 Boulder CO, A.B. Joder.
T2a 404

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T1a 148

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636.1 82

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T2a 562

Ashoub, Abdel Alim. History of the Royal Agricultural Society's stud of authentic Arabian horses. Cairo, Imp. Misr., 1948. 136 p. illus.
636.11 V801

Azpeitia de Moros, L. En busca del caballo arabe. Comision a Oriente. Turquia.-Siria.-Mesopotamia.-Palestina.-Memorias del viaja. Madrid, 1915. 302 p.
636.1 R507

Blue Arabian horse catalog. Newport, VT, Printed by Pine Hill Farms. 1961-1969 3 v. (looseleaf). Kept up to date by annual supplements.
SF293.​A8O88 1961

Blunt, Lady Anne. Bedouin tribes of the Euphrates. Edited with a preface and some account of the Arabs and their horses. By W.S.B. Boulder, CO, Best Pub. Co., 1960. 445 p. illus. maps.
636.11 X001 Fulltext from HathiTrust

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636.1 Q603 Full text from HathiTrust

Boucaut, Sir James Penn. The Arab horse of the future. Preface by Sir Walter Gilbey. London, 1905. 249 p. 7 plates.
636.1 O506 Fulltext from HathiTrust 

Brown, William Robinson. The horse of the desert. Berlin, NH, 1936. 218 p. illus., col. map, ports.
TD4 36

Bserani, Bachir.  Authentic Arabian horse names.  Central Square, NY.  Al Moussami, 2008.
Crerar, 1st Floor Digital Media SF293.A8B84 2008

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Fulltext from HathiTrust

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L682.1 X803

Chatelain, René Julian, baron, 1771-1836. Mémoire Sur Les Chevaux Arabes: Projet Tendant á Augumenter Et à Améliorer Les Chevaux En France.... Paris: Librairie de Madame Huzard, 1816.
Fulltext from HathiTrust

Conn, George Harold. The Arabian horse in America. New and rev. ed. South Brunswick, A.S. Barnes, 1972.
636.11 Y201

Conn, George Harold. The Arabian horse in America. Woodstock, VT, Countryman Press, 1957. 308 p. illus.
SF293 .A8 C75 Full text in HathiTrust

Conn, George Harold. The Arabian horse in fact, fantasy and fiction. London, T. Yoseloff, 1959. 384 p.
SF293 .A8 C76

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636.1 W101

Daumas, Melchoir Joseph Eugene. The horses of the Sahara, and the manners of the desert. With commentaries by the Emir Abd-el-Kader. Translated from the French by James Hutton. London, W.H. Allen & Co., 1863. 355 p.
636.1 L100  Fulltext from HathiTrust  (Spanish language version)  (Original French text)

Davenport, Homer, 1867-1912. My Quest of the Arab Horse. New York: B.W. Dodge & Company, 1909.
Full text in HathiTrust

Derry, Margaret Elsinor.  Bred for perfection:  shorthorn cattle, collies, and arabian horses since 1800. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Press, c2003.
SF199.S56 D47 2003

Descoins, general (Eduard), 1869-1928. Arab equitation : its principles its practice. [Philadelphia, PA] : Xlibris Corp, 2007. 136 p. : illus.
SF309.D45 2007

Gesellschaft der Zuchter und Freunde des arabischen Pferdes. Arabische Pferde. Darmstadt, 1953. 92 p. illus.
636.11 W303

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Fulltext from HathiTrust

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636.1 X501

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SF293 A8G76 2007

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SF293.A8 G8 2007

Harris, Albert Wadsworth. The biography of a sire. Chicago, 1949. 39 p. illus.
TD1a 155

Harris, Albert Wadsworth. The blood of the Arab; the world' greatest war horse. Chicago, Arabian Horse Club of America, 1941. 176 p. illus., portraits.
TD3 351 Full text in HathiTrust

Harris, Albert Wadsworth. The history of the Arabian Horse Club Registry of America, Inc. 1908-1950. Chicago, Arabian Horse Club Registry of America. 1950. 64 p. illus.
636.106 W001

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636.1 W201

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636.1 V200

Holmes, Charles Martin. The principles and practice of horse-shoeing. Leeds, England. Journal Pub. Co., 1949. 253 p. illus.
TE1f 421

Howard, Robert West. The horse in America. Chicago, Follett, 1965. 298 p. illus.
SF284.U5 H85

[Huntington, Randolph]. History In Brief of "Leopard" And "Linden," General Grant's Arabian Stallions. [Philadelphia]: Printed for the author by J. B. Lippincott company, 1885.
Fulltext from HathiTrust

Ibn al-Arabi, Muhammad ibn Ziyad, 767-846?  Asmā' khayl al-'Arab wa-fursānihā. al-Qāhirah : Sharikat Nawābigh al-Fikr, 2008. 48 p.
Regenstein, Bookstacks PJ7542.H65I26 2008

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T2a 313

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SF293.A8 A982 1994

Jazāʾirī, Muḥammad Bāshā, Amir of Mascara, 1840 or 41-1912 or 13. Kitāb ʻIqd Al-ajyād Fī Al-sāfināt Al-jiyād
... Beirut, 1294/1876.
Fulltext from HathiTrust

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636.1 Y101

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SF283.K437 2009

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Fulltext from HathiTrust

Landry, Donna.  Noble brutes:  how Eastern horses transformed English culture.  Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008.  240 p. illus.
SF293.A8 L36 2008

Le Couteulx de Canteleu, comte, fl. 1884. Étude Sur Lh̕istoire Du Cheval Arabe: Son Origine, Les Lieux Ou On Peut Le Trouver, Son Emploi En Europe, Son Rôle Dans La
Formation De La Race De Pur Sang, Son Influence Sur Da̕utres Races. Paris: Librairie Pairault, 1885.
Fulltext from HathiTrust

Lenoir, John Monte. Famous thoroughbreds I have known. Los Angeles, Borden, 1953. 242 p. illus., portraits.
636.11 W301

Leslie, Madeline, 1815-1893. Minnie's Pet Horse ... Illustrated. Boston: Lee and Shepard, successors to Phillips, Sampson & Co., 1864. [Juvenile work]
Full text in HathiTrust

Łukomski, Boleslaw v., b. 1879. Das Arabische Pferd In Slawuta Und Anderen Gestüten Des Südwestlichen Russlands. Stuttgart: Schickhardt & Ebner (K. Wittwer), 1906.
Fulltext from HathiTrust

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682.1 X801

Marshall, L. G. The Arabian Art of Taming And Training Wild And Vicious Horses. Newark, N.J.: H. G. Cook, 1858.
Fulltext from HathiTrust

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TD2 948

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TE1f 425

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Regenstein, Bookstacks AS142.V32 v.378

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O61.82 1 1904

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SF293.A8 R23

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TD1a 57

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TE2a 447

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636.1105 1

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TE1f 400

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636.11 W601  Full text from HathiTrust

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SF277.S25 1998

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L636.11 Y001

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TE1f 342

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636.11 X701

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636.11 X702

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Fulltext from HathiTrust  

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636.1 N304 Fulltext from HathiTrust

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636.11 X102

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SF293.A8 Z84 2000

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