Resources about Caring for Media Collections

Non-Book and Paper Materials

Your collection may contain a wide variety of formats other than book, paper, or photographic materials.  Most items you wish to preserve need some sort of care or preventative measures, so consult these resources for more information about how to preserve all your valued items. 

Moving Images (videotape, 8mm and 16mm film)

Film Forever
Association of Moving Image Archivists

Videotape Preservation Fact Sheets
Association of Moving Image Archivists

Care, Handling, and Storage of Motion Picture Film
Library of Congress

Videotape Preservation
Conservation Online, Jim Wheeler

Caring for Home Videotape
American Institute for Conservation

CDs, DVDs, Diskettes, Audio Tapes

Care of Archival Compact Discs
National Parks Service

"CD Formats and Their Longevity - FAQ"
"Computer Hard Disks and Diskettes - FAQ"
"Video, Audio Recordings and 8mm Films - FAQ"
Canadian Conservation Institute

Electronic Media Collections Care for Small Museums and Archives
Canadian Conservation Institute

Care, Handling, and Storage of Audio Visual Materials
Library of Congress

Digital Content

Personal Archiving: Preserving Your Digital Memories
Library of Congress