Regenstein Lockers

Services & Policies Have Changed

Library services and policies on this page have been updated in response to the COVID-19 emergency.

Locker Rentals Suspended

No new Regenstein locker rentals will be possible until further notice.

Current locker holders will not be charged while normal access is suspended.

Requesting Materials from a Regenstein Locker

Lockers in Regenstein are not accessible at this time.

Patrons with Library or personal materials currently in a Regenstein locker may request materials be retrieved by Library staff and made available for pickup.

Please email to request materials from your locker.

Library staff will email you a link to reserve a time to pick up your items from the outer lobby of Regenstein when they are ready.

You may request:

  • the entire contents of your locker (all personal items and Library materials)
  • All personal items only (any Library materials will be checked in)

If you no longer have borrowing privileges, you will only be able to request personal items. Library materials will be checked in and returned to the stacks.