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Scan & Deliver is a free document delivery service exclusively for University of Chicago faculty, students, and staff. With Scan & Deliver, you can get scanned copies from print material owned by our library usually within 4 business days.

Scan & Deliver requests are limited by copyright and policy restrictions. See Scan & Deliver FAQ for details. Items available through online databases are not eligible for Scan & Deliver. Special Collections items are not eligible for Scan & Deliver.

How to use Scan & Deliver

You may place Scan & Deliver requests from the link in the Library Catalog or you can place a Scan & Deliver request manually. Manual requests may require additional processing time.

  1. Find the material you want scanned in the Library Catalog.
  2. When you find the correct record, scroll down and choose "Scan and Deliver" from the item you want scanned.
  3. Login with your CNET ID and password to complete the request form.
  4. Some fields of the form will be filled out automatically. Complete all required fields (chapter number, article title, inclusive pages, etc.) and provide any additional information that would help staff fill your request.
  5. Click Submit Request at the bottom of the request form.

You will receive an email notification with a link to the PDF when your request is available.

Use Interlibrary Loan for Items Not in Our Collections or Unavailable

If what you need isn't in the Catalog, or it's loaned, missing, or otherwise not available, use Interlibrary Loan to get a scan of the article or chapter from another institution.

Check Online

Scan and Deliver is not available for items that are available online. Many articles and a large number of books are already available electronically through our subscriptions. If we find a requested item this way, we'll refer you to the electronic version.

How do I find articles? can help you locate resources in journals, magazines, and newspapers.

How do I find ebooks? can help you with book chapters.