Visitors to the Library

Welcome to the University of Chicago Library!

The University of Chicago Library welcomes visitors to its spaces and to consult its collections. We also want to ensure any visit to the Library is enjoyable, welcoming, and safe.

Before Your Visit

If you have questions about accessing the Library before your visit, contact the ID & Privileges Office.

Research Assistance

Visitors who anticipate needing help using our library offerings during their visit are encouraged to contact our Ask a Librarian service in advance.

COVID-19 Information for Visitors

Visitors to the Library are required to follow the University’s current COVID-19 guidance. For details, see UChicago Campus Visitor Information.

Before your visit

  • Review the University’s required safety precautions
  • Conduct a personal health assessment on the day of your visit and prior to visiting
  • Pack a face covering and hand sanitizer to use as may be required while visiting

Masks recommended

The University recommends that individuals wear a mask in indoor settings when others are present.

Vaccines encouraged

The University encourages everyone to be vaccinated for COVID-19 at their earliest opportunity, including visitors to campus.

Members of the Public

Members of the public may access the University of Chicago Library for up to seven days per calendar year, and may apply for privileges to conduct extended research.

To obtain a visitor pass, visit the ID & Privileges Office during its hours and present a valid driver's license or other government-issued photo ID as identification.

Members of the public are not eligible for borrowing privileges.

Access for Minors

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or teacher when in Library buildings, in conformance with the University's policies regarding minors on campus.

Minors will be issued their own visitor pass. Anyone under the age of 2 does not need to be issued a visitor pass.

Some minors in authorized University programs, classes, or groups are exempted from this policy.

See the University's policies regarding minors on campus for more information.

Alumni and other UChicago Affiliates

Alumni and members of some University and Library groups are eligible for additional privileges, including, in some cases, borrowing privileges.

Consult the categories below or contact the ID & Privileges Office to determine your eligibility.

Faculty, Students, and Staff from other Academic Institutions

The Library welcomes faculty, students, and staff from other academic institutions to use our collections onsite.

In addition, many academic institutions have established agreements with the Library. Faculty, students, and staff from those academic institutions may be eligible for additional privileges, including, in some cases, borrowing privileges.

Consult Faculty, students, staff from other institutions to determine your eligibility.

Additional Policies for Crerar, D'Angelo, Eckhart, Social Work, and Special Collections

Some University of Chicago campus libraries have additional policies regarding access for members of the public.

  • Visiting Crerar
  • Visiting the Special Collections Research Center
  • The D’Angelo Law Library is restricted to current University of Chicago Law School students, faculty, and staff only. All other users may request access to the D'Angelo Law Library collection by pre-arranged appointment only.
  • Eckhart Library: anyone without card access to Eckhart Hall should come to the front door of the building on the quad and call 773-702-8778 to be admitted.
  • The Social Work Library is open only to current Crown School faculty, students, and staff. Visitors may request Social Work materials via the “Need help” link in the Library Catalog.

Extended Scholarly Research

Members of the public who wish to conduct extended research using the University of Chicago Library collections may purchase access privileges for $25 per week or $100 per quarter by visiting the ID & Privileges Office.

Researchers must bring a current photo ID to the ID & Privileges Office in order to establish extended access privileges.

Electronic Resources, Library Computers, & Wireless

Visitors may access the Library’s electronic resources only while in Library buildings, due to site licensing agreements.

While in Library buildings, visitors may use Library computers and the uchicago wireless network to access electronic resources. Visitors need to request guest credentials for Library computers and wireless access from the ID & Privileges Office.

See Computers and Wireless for more information.

Services for Users with Disabilities

See Services for Users with Disabilities if you need assistance in accessing our collections.

Maintaining a Scholarly Environment

We expect all users to abide by all Library policies, including those listed in Maintaining a Scholarly Environment.

As a private institution, the University of Chicago Library reserves the right to bar anyone from any or all parts of its premises. Disruptive or inappropriate behavior or any other violations of Library policies may result in suspension of visitor access.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Libraries and Hours lists the hours and addresses (including Google Map links) of the six campus libraries.

Visiting the University - Plan Your Visit provides maps and directions to campus, transportation and parking options, as well as suggestions for accommodations, dining, and shopping in Hyde Park.

Visitor Parking provides information about visitor parking options, including locations and fees for parking garages and lots. Free parking is available on the street, but can be difficult to find during the day.