Knowledge@UChicago reaches 10,000 scholarly and creative works and 2 million downloads

A laptop with Knowledge@UChicago on screen

Knowledge@UChicago, the digital institutional repository for the University of Chicago, has reached a milestone: 10,000 scholarly and creative works on deposit. This noteworthy accomplishment is a result of the collaborative efforts of various university departments and staff members who have contributed to the repository’s growth. As of the end of February 2024, there have been over 2 million unique downloads from the repository and around 1.5 million visits.

The repository hosts a curated collection encompassing a wide array of open access scholarly content, including articles from academic journals, dissertations and theses, patents, and much more. Each contribution serves to enrich the intellectual landscape and foster advancement of knowledge within the university and beyond.

In celebration of this milestone, we invite you to explore Knowledge@UChicago and dive into its recently uploaded items.

For more information about Knowledge@UChicago and related services or to learn about how you can contribute to the repository, please use this form to contact the repository personnel.