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Jessica Glomb
Selfie by Jessica Glomb
Jessica Glomb, Library Orders Supervisor

Staff Member:

Jessica Glomb

Job Title:

Library Orders Supervisor

Where do you work normally?

Regenstein Library

Where are you working from now?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: In my comfy lawn chair at my beloved Ikea desk in Berwyn. Tuesday and Thursday: Back at “home” in JRL 170 at the Reg, with plenty of sanitizer, space, and bottled water!

What are you working on right now?

I'm continuing to manage, monitor, and organize the ordering workflow for regular print and electronic monographs, patron requests, Special Collections Research Center and reserve items as FY21 begins. At the Reg, I am supporting our transition back to processing physical materials, mainly working with approvals (lots of Latin American titles) and Special Collections shipments.

Do you have any coworkers where you are working remotely? Partners, kids, pets, plants, etc.?

My plant corner is nice to look at. Some of my plants have been with me since I "adopted" them from one of my old workplaces, Whole Foods. It’s nice to be in the office two days per week to have some much-missed but socially distanced and masked interactions with coworkers!

What activities or hobbies have you been engaged in when you aren't working remotely?

I've been reading books and watching films noir--Seven Days in May was the last one I saw. I’m also working on a painting and going for long runs outside, working on my quick-footed turns as I maintain 6 feet of distance from others, of course!

What do you miss about being away from the Library buildings or University?

While I’m back two days per week, I can tell it’s definitely a new era in the life of the Reg. I still enjoy walking around the quad on breaks, now with my mask on. I will miss the students and the potlucks (both spontaneous and planned). And all of your wonderful faces, too!

Jessica Glomb's Painting

Photo by Jessica Glomb

Jessica Glomb's Plants

Photo by Jessica Glomb