A Bibliographical Avocation: The Lester King Collection

Lester King Bookplate

Curated by Dr. Lester King, Senior Lecturer in the Fishbein Center.

Lester King, M.D., is a pathologist, scholar, book collector and author, and since 1967 has been a professional lecturer in the history of science at the University of Chicago. Besides sharing his knowledge with students, over the years Dr. King has donated more than 200 historical medical books to the University Library. The books in the collection represent not only high points of early medical history but also the broad range of intellectual and practical writings against which these achievements are measured. For the exhibit, Dr. King has chosen books that illustrate his view of the foundations of eighteenth century medical thought. This exhibit affords an opportunity to see these extraordinary books through the eyes of the man who has collected them, owned them, and used them in his own scholarly research.