The Great Lakes: Our Legacy, Our Future

Great Lakes

The exhibit was written and complied by Robert Beltran -USEPA Great Lakes National Program Office. The exhibit was organized and maintained by Barbara Kern

The exhibit focused on the EPA's Great Lakes National Program Office and their work to ensure the protection and restoration of the Great Lakes. The opportunity to host this exhibit enabled the John Crerar library to highlight its historical and contemporary environmental collections as well as the University's programs in Environmental Studies. The exhibit presented major issues such as chemical contamination and habitat loss in the Great Lakes. Invasive organisms (such as the Sea lamprey, the Round Goby, and the famous Zebra Mussel) as well as sampling and analytical equipment used aboard the EPA's 180-foot Research Vessel the "Lake Guardian" were on display. In addition, informational pamphlets and booklets on a variety of Great Lakes environmental issues were available.