Harold Swift and the Higher Learning


Exhibition curated by Dorothy Jones.

This exhibition marks the centenary of the birth of Harold H. Swift, who in 1914 became the first alumnus to be appointed to the University Board of Trustees, as well as its youngest member. From the time of his graduation in 1907 until his death in 1962, Swift devoted his life to the University. This devotion to the world of higher learning was perplexing to some, as they could not reconcile his role at the University with his role as Chief Executive of the meat packing plant that bore his family name. As Thorstein Veblen once observed, "If the higher learning is incompatible with business shrewdness, business enterprise is by the same token incompatible with the spirit of higher learning." Swift demonstrated his disagreement with this sentiment through fifty years of daily activity in the service of the University. The exhibit is drawn from the University of Chicago Archives.

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