Pursuing the "Higher Criticism": New Testament Scholarship and Library Collections at the University of Chicago

Pursuing the 'Higher Criticism'

Organized in conjunction with the Divinity School to mark the meeting of the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas at the University.

This exhibition traces the century-long partnership between Chicago New Testament research interests and library resources. Drawing on the Library's outstanding holdings of New Testament sources, the exhibition examines the contributions of New Testament scholars to their field and the library collections that support their work. Among the topics covered are the empirical approach to biblical studies characteristic of the Chicago School and the influence of methodologies from other disciplines such as sociology and history. Included in the exhibition are Greek New Testament manuscripts and early printed books used as sources for New Testament textual, critical, and iconographical study, as well as archival materials and published works illustrating the research interests of Chicago New Testament scholars such as Ernest DeWitt Burton, Edgar J. Goodspeed, Shirley Jackson Case, Shailer Mathews, Robert M. Grant, Hans Dieter Betz, and others.

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