Sol Tax: The Making of an Anthropologist

sol tax.jpg

Sol Tax has remarked that when he entered graduate school at the University of Chicago in the early 1930s, there were about fifty practicing anthropologists in the United States. Since that time the number has increased more than hundred-fold, and now includes scholars from all parts of the world. Sol Tax's career, then, can become a lens through which to view the development and expansion of anthropology as a discipline, especially so in view of the active role that Tax himself played in that expansion. With this exhibition the library acknowledges the gift of the professional papers of Sol Tax, Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology and the College, as a permanent addition to the University of Chicago Archives. The Sol Tax papers reflect the career of one of the most active and ubiquitous figures in the anthropological profession; the exhibition illustrates the wide range of Tax's activities, and the size, scope, and importance of the University's archival holdings. Drawing upon unpublished correspondence, photographs, anthropological fieldnotes, manuscripts and other documentary materials, the exhibition sketches the major phases of Sol Tax's fifty year career in anthropology.