Regenstein Rental Lockers

Locker Rentals

Anyone with Library privileges may rent a locker in Regenstein.

Lockers are located in the 2nd through 5th floor reading rooms.

Lockers are rented through the ID & Privileges Office, in the lobby of the 1st Floor of Regenstein.

  • Lockers may be rented for up to 4 quarters in a row, and may be renewed each year.
  • You may rent up to two lockers at a time.
  • Each locker costs $10 per quarter or $35 for four quarters.

Contact the ID & Privileges Office if you have any questions about lockers, locker policies, or would like to request maintenance for any lockers rented to you.

Locker Violations

Lockers are periodically inspected for prohibited items, which include the following:

  • unloaned Library items (including reading room books)
  • perishable food (for extended periods)
  • hazardous materials

If any of these items are found in your locker, we will suspend your locker privileges for at least two quarters, and you forfeit any fees already paid. We may extend your suspension for particularly serious offenses, or if you have repeatedly violated locker policies.

Once we have determined that you have violated locker policies, we will notify you of your violation via e-mail and indicate the length of your suspension. You will have one week from the date of your violation to empty your locker's contents. If you have rented more than one locker, you will need to empty any additional lockers you have rented as well.

If you have not emptied your locker after one week we will change your locker's combination, as well as the combinations of any other lockers you have rented. You will then have an additional two weeks to empty any lockers rented to you.

You can visit the ID & Privileges during those two weeks to request one-time access to any lockers rented to you in order to empty their contents. After this two week period, we will return Library items to Circulation and discard or donate to charity any contents remaining in lockers rented to you (three weeks after the initial violation).

Expiration of your locker rental

Your locker assignment expires the first day of the quarter for which you have not paid a rental fee. This expiration date is printed on the slip provided to you when you rent the locker. Please keep this slip and make a note of the date.

If you do not renew or completely empty your locker before it expires, you will receive an e-mail notice from the ID & Privileges Office regarding the expiration of your locker. 

If you have not renewed or completely emptied your locker by 3 p.m. on the Monday of the third week of the quarter, we will change the locker's combination and place a $10 late fee on your library account. We will leave the locker's contents in the locker, including any Library books, for an additional four weeks. During that time you may pay the $10 late fee and either renew or empty or your locker.

After 3 p.m. on the Monday of the seventh week of the quarter, we will empty your locker. Library books will be returned to Circulation; any personal belongings will be promptly discarded or donated to charity.

You are responsible for clearing any Library items or personal materials (including trash) from an expired locker. If you do not completely empty your locker when it expires, we will treat the locker as not renewed and follow the procedures outlined above. We do not attempt to determine what may be trash or refuse.


Neither the University of Chicago nor the Library is responsible for the loss or damage of any material stored in lockers. We are also not responsible for unclaimed and discarded personal materials from expired or canceled lockers.