DOI Service Now Available from UChicago Library

The UChicago Library launched a new digital object identifier (DOI) service to support UChicago research groups.

The University of Chicago Library now provides a fee-based digital object identifier (DOI) service to support UChicago research groups who run their own research data repositories. Registering DOIs for scholarly outputs formalizes the description and identification of the outputs. Additionally, a DOI is a persistent identifier that enhances the discoverability and citability of the referenced object. If you are familiar with DOIs as used to cite journal articles, they similarly allow citation--and so recognition--of your data and other outputs.

Access to the service requires signing a memorandum of understanding, which addresses the roles and responsibilities of the Library and the user respectively. Once you have access, you will be able to register DOIs for your datasets by virtue of the Library’s membership of DataCite, an international DOI registration agency.

If you need a DOI for a one-off dataset, report, or other output, this can be done by depositing the item in Knowledge@UChicago, the University’s institutional repository.

Contact the Library’s Center for Digital Scholarship if you would like more information about the DOI service. For questions about Knowledge@UChicago, contact the repository personnel.