Meeting patron needs with autumn on-site Library services

On-site services at the Library have been operating successfully in the opening weeks of Autumn Quarter.  Responding to student needs, the Library began providing 40 additional seats in Regenstein and 5 additional seats in Mansueto beginning October 25.

Seat Reservation Service

More than 1200 students successfully made more than 4300 reservations for quiet individual study at Crerar, Mansueto, and Regenstein in the first three weeks of the Quarter.  Reserved seating was also provided at D’Angelo Law for UChicago Law students, and at SSA Library for SSA students.  Use of seats was close to capacity in Regenstein and Mansueto by the week of October 19.

Tables showing reserved and available seats on October 20, 2020.
Seat reservations for Regenstein, Crerar, and Mansueto libraries on Tuesday, October 20. Maroon indicates reservations, blue indicates required spacing between reservations, and green indicates available seats.

In response to growing requests for seating, beginning on Sunday, October 25, the Library expanded this service to include 80 seats in Regenstein and 30 in Mansueto.  Also in response to patron inquiries, maps showing the location of power outlets for Regenstein, Mansueto and Crerar seating are now available on the relevant reservation pages.

Paging & Pickup

From June 15 to October 18, the Library has provided 2,020 people with 13,246 items through the new Paging and Pickup service.  Faculty, graduate students, and College students have all made significant use of the service.

Category % of Total
Student, Grad/PhD 52%
Student, Grad/Non-PhD 12%
Faculty 13%
Student, College 11%
Staff 5%
Academic 4%
Postdoctoral Scholar 1%
Other 1%

Requests have been consistently fulfilled in an average of 1 day.

Scan & Deliver

The Library has met service time expectations for Scan & Deliver, filling requests in under 3 days on average.  Faculty, graduate students, College students, and staff are all making use of this service.

Category % of Total
Student, Grad/PhD 43%
Faculty 16%
Student, Grad/Non-PhD 14%
Student, College 8%
Academic 10%
Staff 6%
Other 2%

Interlibrary Loan

After an initial period when only digital copies of articles and chapters were being provided, the Library resumed borrowing and lending books and other materials at the beginning of the quarter.  PDFs of 828 articles or book chapters and physical copies of 1064 items have been requested by UChicago patrons between the start of Autumn Quarter and October 20.  All the Big Ten libraries and all but two Ivy Plus libraries have resumed lending.

A line graph showing borrowing of physical materials and articles from September 27 to October 20, 2020.
UChicago borrowing of physical materials such as books (green) and article PDFs (maroon) from September 27 to October 20, 2020.

Appointments in the Special Collections Reading Room

Consultation of materials from the Special Collections Research Center are available by appointment only on Thursdays and Fridays.  Patrons successfully made 42 reservations as of October 30, including reservations for upcoming dates in November.

Category # of Reservations
Student, Grad/PhD 14
Faculty 17
Student, College 10
Staff 1

Items that have been consulted as of October 30 include 32 manuscripts and 12 monographs.

Pie chart showing 32 manuscripts and 12 monographs
Special Collections check outs by document type as of October 30.

Book Return

Library patrons have resumed returning books to Regenstein Library without need of an appointment. Return processes have been operating smoothly, with very little need for interaction between patrons and staff.  A total of 34,907 loaned items have been checked in by Library staff between June 15 and October 20.