Women’s Work: Scholarship by Women at UChicago

The careers of selected past and present University of Chicago women composers, philosophers, and scholars are presented in this group of coordinated mini-exhibits in Regenstein Library. The exhibits are organized in conjunction with International Women’s Day at the University of Chicago.

Exhibit Series Dates: March 3 to June 16, 2014.

2nd Floor: Academic Activism: Insights from the Social Sciences

Organized by Sarah Hogan, Bibliographer for Sociology, Political Science, International Relations, and Public Policy; Julia Gardner, Bibliographer for Gay & Lesbian Studies and Women’s Studies; and Nancy Spiegel, Bibliographer for Art, History, and Cinema and Media Studies.

3rd Floor: Three Women Composers

Three UChicago composers
From left: Shulamit Ran, Marta Ptaszyńska, and Augusta Read Thomas

Three of the world’s most notable women composers teach in the Music Department at the University of Chicago: Shulamit Ran, Marta Ptaszyńska, Augusta Read Thomas. This exhibit will serve to celebrate these three women through handwritten manuscripts, passages from published scores, discographies and sound recordings, photos, news clippings, and reviews.

Organized by Scott Landvatter, Bibliographer for Music.

4th floor: Women and Philosophy at the University of Chicago

So-called Sappho: woman with a wax tablet and a stylus. 1st c. CE Pompeii. Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli.Wikimedia Commons

Why are there so few women philosophers? Why does it matter? This exhibit responds to the ongoing underrepresentation of women within the field of Philosophy by highlighting the work of three University of Chicago faculty members: Hannah Arendt, Marjorie Grene, and Martha Nussbaum. Selections from their work will be juxtaposed with materials that reflect the historical and contemporary influence of women and gender tensions on the study of Philosophy at the University.

Organized by Anne Knafl, Bibliographer for Religion; Julie Huh, Philosophy, Class of 2014; and Alaina Bompiedi, Philosophy, Class of 2015.

5th floor: Maureen L. P. Patterson: Bibliographer, Scholar, Spy

Patterson I.D. card
Maureen L. P. Patterson’s Office of Strategic Services I.D. card. The University of Chicago Library.

Maureen L. P. Patterson, 1923-2012, was a scholar and pioneer in the field of South Asian librarianship, developing groundbreaking resources and building the University of Chicago’s world-renowned collection. She also led another, secret life as a member of World War II’s famed intelligence organization, the O.S.S.

Organized by Laura Ring, Assistant South Asia Librarian, and James Nye, Bibliographer for Southern Asia.