Policy on Promotional Activities in the University of Chicago Library

The purpose of the University of Chicago Library's promotional activities is to increase awareness of Library offerings. In accordance with the Library's statement on Maintaining a Scholarly Environment in the Library, promotion of non-Library resources, events, services, and announcements is restricted to limited areas and subject to prior approval by the Library.

The following outlines the policies governing the distribution of promotional materials and the undertaking of promotional activities in the Joseph Regenstein Library, the John Crerar Library, Eckhart Library, the Social Work Library and the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library. For questions about promotional activities in the D'Angelo Law Library, consult Sheri Lewis, Director of the D'Angelo Law Library.

University offices or departments may use Ask a Librarian to request permission to conduct promotional activities within Library buildings other the D'Angelo Law Library.

Please review the following policies before submitting a request.

Flyers, Posters, and Signs

Students, University staff, RSOs, and other community members may post flyers, posters, and signs without obtaining prior permission on the Library's bulletin boards. Items posted on these bulletin boards may be removed without notice.

  • Regenstein: bulletin boards are located in the entryway to the bookstacks on floors 2-5 and in Ex Libris
  • Crerar: bulletin boards are located in the Lower Level copy room and in the Lower Level lounge area
  • Social Work: a bulletin board is located in the glass-walled entrance

Any postings that violate the Library's policies outlined in Maintaining a Scholarly Environment in the Library will be immediately removed. Posting material in areas outside these designated bulletin boards is prohibited.

University offices or departments may request that their signs, flyers, or posters be considered for inclusion in the glass cases located in the entryway of Regenstein. Requests to post in these cases must be submitted at least five days prior to the desired posting date. A copy of the flyer, poster or sign must be provided prior to approval being granted.

Sign holders on the entry doors for Regenstein and Social Work are for Library use only.

Sign holders on the entry doors for Crerar may be used for events held in the Kathleen A. Zar Room.

Table Tents

Table tents in the Library are generally restricted to Library promotions, events, and services. The Library will consider displaying table tents from University of Chicago departments or units under these specific conditions:

  • All requests for table tents must be submitted at least 10 days in advance of the desired posting date. A sample table tent must be submitted with the request.
  • The University department or unit requesting the display is responsible for making, distributing, and removing table tents.
  • Approved table tents may be displayed for no longer than two weeks.
  • Approved table tents should not be affixed to tables using tape or other adhesive.

Approved table tents are allowed in the following locations:

  • Regenstein: 1st Floor and A Level (excluding Ex Libris Cafe)
  • Crerar: Lower Level
  • Mansueto

Any unapproved table tents will be removed by Library staff.

Promotional Tables

Promotional tables are not allowed in the Library without specific approval. Requests are restricted to University of Chicago departments or units.

Display Space

Requests for display space are limited to the University community and are subject to Library approval.

Surveys and Studies

University departments or units who wish to recruit for or conduct a survey or other study within campus libraries must contact the Assessment Steering Committee (asc@lib.uchicago.edu) for approval, as these activities are generally limited to projects sponsored and conducted by the Library.

Signs for Events in the Library

Promotional or directional signs needed for events or programs held in the Joseph Regenstein Library should be coordinated with Library Facilities. For further detail, see Library Event Room Reservations for Non-Library Departments.

Political Activities

Library spaces may not be used for political fundraising or any other partisan political campaign activities, in accordance with University policies regarding political activity.


Individuals, groups, or organizations are prohibited from selling any items or services in the Library unless specifically invited to do so.