Regenstein Library College Student Exhibit Pilot

Have you discovered some fantastic books while browsing the stacks in Regenstein? Do you want to highlight some of your favorite authors? Would your RSO like to promote a little-known collection of Library materials?

The Library is piloting an undergraduate student exhibit program for our display case on the 1st floor of Regenstein Library. The Library will select two student exhibits per year that focus on a topic in the humanities or social sciences, highlighting materials found in the Regenstein Bookstacks.  Guidelines and responsibilities for the exhibit program are shown below. The next exhibit will be Winter Quarter 2017.

For more information, contact Rebecca Starkey, Librarian for College Instruction and Outreach, University of Chicago Library.

Exhibit Pilot Guidelines

  • Proposals will only be accepted from currently-enrolled students in the College at the University of Chicago.
  • The exhibit must focus on a topic in the humanities or social sciences, and should be based on original research.
  • The exhibit must highlight between 6-10 items housed in the Regenstein Bookstacks. Items that are visually compelling are a plus.
  • Proposals may be submitted by individuals or small groups (including RSOs), but all group members must be undergraduates.

Proposal Requirements

  • Name of student(s) developing the exhibit. If this is a group proposal, you must select a lead curator/contact.
  • UChicago email address of the primary contact.
  • Year in the College and major.
  • An exhibit title.
  • A 300-500 word abstract for the exhibit.
  • A bibliography of 8-10 items that you wish to include in your exhibit, formatted in Chicago style. Final items for the exhibit will be based on exhibit space and the availability and condition of materials. Annotations that place the work in the context of the exhibit are strongly recommended.
Proposals will be accepted via email, as a PDF document, to Rebecca Starkey.

DEADLINE: Friday, November 18th

Student Responsibilities

  • Works with the Library to establish a production schedule.
  • Meets deadlines and communicates plans with Library staff.
  • Works independently, but consults with Library staff as needed in a timely matter.
  • Selects materials for the exhibition, working with Library staff to finalize selections based on the theme, availability and condition of materials, and exhibit space.
  • Provides text for all labels for the exhibit, and works with Library staff to revise and edit as needed.
  • Works with Library staff members to select images and content for promotional materials, including exhibit posters.
  • Individual or group leader must attend an official opening program.
  • Consent to the use of your name, biography, and likeness in Library promotional materials.

Library Responsibilities

  • Provides exhibition space and materials.
  • Offers reference assistance to the student exhibit curator(s)
  • Assists in the selection of materials for the exhibit, based on the exhibit theme, item availability and condition, and exhibit space.
  • Gathers and reserves all materials included in the exhibit.
  • Produces all labels, scans, signs, and promotional materials needed for the exhibit.
  • Provides consultation and support for copyright issues.
  • Creates publicity and promotional materials for the exhibit and opening event.
  • Creates a website to document the exhibit.
  • Removes all materials upon the completion of the exhibit.

Current and Past Student Exhibits

Spring 2016

Curated Mysticism: Visual Representations of the Cosmos and Consciousness

Student Curator: Sana Sohail, 3rd year in the College
Regenstein Library, 1st Floor. Through July 31, 2016