The B. Heller & Co. Collection

Founded by Benjamin Heller, whose family practiced sausage-making for generations, Chicago-based B. Heller & Co.  began in 1893 as a wholesale manufacturer of dry powders used in the preparation of meat products. Eager to take advantage of new developments in food science and chemistry as well as his skills as a salesman, Benjamin Heller was the quintessential American entrepreneur. Over the years, the company expanded into the manufacture of a variety of food ingredients, as well as insecticides, cleaning agents, and a broad range of kitchen and office supplies. The company continues today as Heller Seasonings & Ingredients, a wholesale supplier based in Chicago.

The B. Heller & Co. Collection was assembled by Americana collectors Sally and Herb Loeb; Benjamin Heller was Sally Loeb's grandfather. The Loebs presented a collection of sample labels, publicity material, business records and photographs  to the University of Chicago, which also acquired a selection of packaging materials. This exhibition features a sampling from the B. Heller & Co. Collection, which is a marvelous resource for students of advances in food technology, as well as developments in product marketing and design in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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