Gallery: 1903 Capsule

Portrait photograph of Ernst Freund

Folder 1903-2

Envelope with University return address and typed note on front
Envelope containing the minutes of first meeting of Law Faculty

Meeting of Law Faculty held for organization of Law School
Folder 1903-4

Typed letter on onion skin paper
Minutes of first meeting of Law Faculty held for organization of Law School

3 Pages
Download PDF of Meeting Minutes
Folder 1903-4

Young man with hair parted down the middle wearing high collar and tie
Portrait photograph of James Parker Hall

Folder 1903-5

Bald man with mustache wearing high collar and no tie
Portrait photograph of Charles E. Kremer

Folder 1903-6

Former president with slicked hair, glasses, and good suit.
Portrait photograph of President Theodore Roosevelt

Folder 1903-7

Professor with  glasses, groomed hair, and tie.
Portrait photograph of Clark Butler Whittier

Folder 1903-8

Portrait photograph of William Rainey Harper

Folder 1903-9

Man with thinning hair looking away from camera.
Portrait photograph of Horace K. Tenney

Folder 1903-10

Photo of older man mounted on gray board.
Portrait photograph, unidentified

Folder 1903-23

Stuart Hall, University of Chicago

Folder 1903-17

The Law School Annual Announcements

Autumn Quarter 1902 to Spring Quarter 1903, 4 pages
Download PDF of Annual Announcements
Folder 1903-24