The Zachariases in Shanghai

Photo, Wayside Diele, 1939

This restaurant was an inspired cooperation between three families, the Zachariases, the Oppenheims, and the Daltrops, none of whom had any experience in the culinary business. The women cooked (some of them learning for the first time), and the men waited tables. The families rented out space to boarders, and burned the furniture left by the original owners for heat. The Wayside Diele closed within a few months.

Food rations, undated

These food ration coupons from Shanghai entitled refuges to basic necessities including flour, sugar, and coal briquettes.

Passover Menu, 1947

This was a menu from a Passover seder held in the spring of 1947 in Shanghai. The invitation came from Tikvah, a community organization.

A German passport with a large red "J" and Nazi stamps.
Passport, Feb. 20, 1939

This passport, stamped with a red J for “Jewish,” belonged to Hildegard Zacharias, and included a photo of her daughter, Karin Zacharias. The Nazis required all Jewish women to take the middle name Sara.

A German passport with the photograph of a woman and her handwritten name.
Passport, Feb. 20, 1939

Another page of the passport.

A gold metal box with a carving of the Parthenon, and several letters and packages on top.
Cigar box, 1939

This is from the cigar shop owned by Leo Zacharias. Leo was a lawyer in Germany, but once in Shanghai, he, like many other Jewish refugees, found work in areas he was unfamiliar with. He established a cigar shop, a lending library, and, with two other families, a short-lived restaurant called the Wayside Diele.

A gold metal box with a carving of the Parthenon and a German label.
Cigar box, 1939

Another view of the cigar box.

A German poem entitled "Hongkew."
Book of Poems

The poems in this collection were written and published by the German Jewish refugees in Shanghai. Many small collections like it, as well as pamphlets of humor and in some cases Shanghai in jokes, were published by and circulated among the refugees.

A German poem entitled "Leh-Leh."
Book of Poems

Another poem.