D'Angelo Law Study Room 514

D'Angelo Law Study Room 514


Group study room on fifth floor of D'Angelo Law Library. Law students may reserve use of a study room online using the Law School's room reservation system. You will need to log in using your UCLAW username and password. If you do not have a UCLAW username and would like to reserve a study room, contact a law librarian. For detailed instructions on using the room reservation system, see How to Reserve a Law Library Study Room

There is a dedicated video conference system for student use in Room 514. Students must follow these instructions to make their request: Video Conferencing Request Information.

Law Library Study Room Policies

  • Reservations are limited to 4 hours per day per student. 
  • Law students should contact the library staff to cancel or modify an existing study room reservation. Students who do not occupy a study room within 30 minutes of their scheduled time may have the reservation canceled.
  • Priority use of study rooms is for groups.  Law students studying alone may be asked to relinquish use of a study room to a group requesting it. The Green Lounge is available for law student social gatherings.