D'Angelo Law Study Room 613

Law School Only

The D'Angelo Law Library is open only to current Law School faculty, students, and staff.

D'Angelo Law Study Room 613


Group study room on sixth floor of D'Angelo Law Library. Seating for 8. Law students may reserve use of a study room online using the Law School's room reservation system. You will need to log in using your CNet ID and password.

Law Library Study Room Policies

  • Reservations are limited to 4 hours per day per student.
  • Law students should contact the library staff to cancel or modify an existing study room reservation. Students who do not occupy a study room within 30 minutes of their scheduled time may have the reservation canceled.
  • Priority use of study rooms is for groups. Law students studying alone may be asked to relinquish use of a study room to a group requesting it. The Green Lounge is available for law student social gatherings.