Food & Drink Policy

The University of Chicago Library is committed to creating and maintaining a scholarly environment. As part of fostering that environment, the Library has adopted the following food and drink policy.


Non-alcoholic drinks in covered containers are permitted throughout Library spaces with the exception of:

  • Special Collections Research Center, including the exhibition gallery


Snacks are permitted throughout Library spaces with the exception of the following food-free areas:

  • Mansueto
  • Regenstein bookstacks
  • Regenstein Art Reading Room (Room 420)
  • Special Collections Research Center, including the exhibition gallery


Meals and messy foods are permitted only in the following areas, designated as Meal Zones:

Waste disposal and cleanup

Please clean up and dispose of all food waste, beverage containers, wrappers, etc. in a designated waste bin when you leave. Spaces should be left clean. Notify Library staff of any spills.

Providing a clean and pest-free environment is an important part of the Library's preservation program.

Library approved events

Library administration may approve special events during which exemptions to the food and drink policy may be made. Prior approval from Library administration must be sought for any exemptions to the food and drink policy.

Food and drink policy violations

Library users who are not complying with the Library's food and drink policy will be notified of the policy and asked to abide by it, in accordance with the Library's protocol for restoring a scholarly environment. Users who fail to abide by the policy will be asked to relocate to an appropriate space or leave the Library.