A Passion for Art

Paul Moses next to his painting "Ice House," c. 1956

On loan from Michael A. Moses

Throughout his studies and early career, Moses continued to hone his skills and find a meaningful creative outlet in painting and drawing. He filled his sketchbooks and canvases with idyllic city-, sea-, and landscapes, often inspired by his immediate surroundings. His loose, expressive style and luminous palette are reminiscent of the Impressionist painters he studied and admired. Richard Tapp, a longtime family friend, noted that Moses’ affinity for these artists was particularly evident in his handling of cloud formations.

His travels abroad also enabled Moses to begin assembling his own personal art collection. He was particularly enthusiastic about nineteenth-century prints and drawings and purchased, over the course of several trips to Europe, a monotype attributed to Camille Pissarro and numerous caricatures by Honoré Daumier and others.

Thunder Gust – Countryside, 1956

Oil on canvas

On loan from Michael A. Moses

Cityscape, c. 1956/57

Oil on board

On loan from Michael A. Moses