The Instructor, the Critic, and the Man

In the wake of his death, the University of Chicago’s radio station, WUCB, aired a tribute to Moses filled with statements by friends and colleagues. Together, they painted a picture not just of an exemplary scholar, educator, and critic, but also of a man who loved to joke, to play tennis, to cook elaborate meals and serve them with good wine. He admired Shakespeare’s tragedies and often signed letters to his wife as “Othello.” He once surprised a cafeteria worker who scolded him in Italian by responding to her in the same language. For the people interviewed in the radio program, Paul Moses’ achievements were inseparable from his humanity. His close friend Paul Milner put it simply: “He was not a person who should be forgotten.”

"In Memoriam—Paul Moses"
Aired 1966
Chicago: WUCB, 1966