T. Kimball Brooker Prize for Undergraduate Book Collecting

Awarded annually to second- and fourth-year students with outstanding book collections.

Collections may focus on a topic, the work of one or more authors, or physical features such as illustrations and bindings. In addition to books, collections of musical scores and printed maps may be entered into the prize competition. Contestants should pay particular attention to materiality and other attributes that make their collections noteworthy. Consider questions such as: Why this edition or copy? What did it take that was out of the ordinary to assemble books on this subject?

Students are not expected to have collections that are large, valuable in monetary terms, or complete. Rather, the competition emphasizes thoughtfulness and intent in building a collection around the collector's interests.

Past winners have collections focused on subjects that range from religion in ancient Egypt to feminist zines, from cover art to Latin American poetry.

The Brooker Prize exhibition provides an opportunity for the award winners to share their collecting interests and vision with a wider audience.