Summer 2014

Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine

Blair, David R.
Investigating Complex and Mendelian Disease Genetics Through Massive Digital Phenotyping

Brooks, Katherine Claire
Evolutionary Biology
Sociality in Belding's ground squirrels (Urocitellus beldingi): evolutionary history, behavioral consequences and proximate mechanisms

Carr, Tiffany
Analysis of the Contributions of LEF1 to T Cell Lymphomagenesis and iNKT Cell Development

Gordon, Kacy Lynn
Organismal Biology and Anatomy
cis-regulation in nematodes: inferring complex relationships between sequence and functional evolution

Hulur, Imge
Integrating Genes, Function and Phenotype to Dissect the Genetic Architecture of Complex Diseases

Khramtsova, Ekaterina
The role of claudin-2 and its regulation in the development of intestinal inflammation

Koranda, Jessica Lynn
Nicotinic Modulation of Aberrant Motor Learning: Implications for Nicotine's Protective Effect Against Parkinson's Disease

Lim, Sean Austin Ong
Striatal Cholinergic Interneuron Physiology

Liu, Qianying
Health Studies
Gene-Based Analyses in Association Studies: From Testing for Gene-Environment Interactions to Population Stratification Adjustment

Love, Crystal
Developmental Biology
Neuronal Organization and Development in the Zebrafish Hindbrain

Mandecki, Joanna
Organismal Biology and Anatomy
Coordination of Functional Systems: Eye Movement Behavior during Pectoral Fin Locomotion in Fishes

Meyer, Christopher Gerth
Ecology and Evolution
The Genetics, Biogeography and Local Adaptation of Intraspecific Variation in Defense Traits of Arabidopsis thaliana

Mullarkey, Erin Elizabeth
FGF8 and the Developing Olfactory System

Nelsen, Matthew Paul
Evolutionary Biology
The Origins and Diversification of Lichen Symbioses

Perdrizet II, George A.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Control of Translation Initiation by Messenger RNA Sequence and Structure

Pickard, Joseph Michael

Rosario, Wilfredo
Central Control of Endocrine Pancreas Physiology

Savit, Aaron Zvi
Evolutionary Biology
Patterns of Tropical Diversification: Intraspecific Phylogeography in Tangara Tanagers

Volden, Paul A.
Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition
Social Stress Is Associated with Altered Mammary Adipocyte Metabolism in a Model of Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Division of the Humanities

Bayerl, Corinne
Romance Languages and Literatures
Moral Philosophy and Pedagogy in the Work of Pierre Nicole

Bohnenkamp, Max Lowell
East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Turning Ghosts Into People: "The White-Haired Girl," Revolutionary Folklorism and the Politics of Aesthetics in Modern China

Ghosh, Abhishek
South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Vaiṣṇavism and the West: A Study of Kedarnath Datta Bhaktivinod's Encounter and Response, 1869-1909

Hemmat, Kaveh Louis
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
A Chinese System for an Ottoman State: The Frontier, the Millennium, and Ming Bureaucracy in Khatayi's Book of China

Ibrahim, Haitham
Comparative Literature
Worlds Unbound: Cybernetics and the Arabesque

Jasinski, Daniel Andrew
Telesma, for Chamber Orchestra

Klecha, Peter
Bridging the Divide: Scalarity and Modality

Lehr, Rachel
A descriptive Grammar of Pashai: The Language and Speech Community of Darrai Nur

Nutzman, Megan
Classics: Ancient Mediterranean World
A Hotbed of Healing: Ritual Cures in Roman and Late Antique Syria-Palestine

Rothschild, Jennifer Johnson
Striving to be Better: Incomplete Character and the Unity of the Virtues

Saba, Matthew David
Art History
Impermanent Monument, Lasting Impression: The Abbasid Dar al-Khilafa Palace of Samarra

Savitz, Michael
English Language and Literature
Anxiety in Whitman's 1855 Leaves of Grass

Schwartz, Joshua Frederick
Quine, Disquotation, and Truth

Seely, Adrienne
Cinema and Media Studies
Continuous Resonance: Early 1970s Film Aurality and the Technics of Becoming

Division of the Physical Sciences

Baxter, Eric Jones
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Detecting Gravitational Lensing of the Cosmic Microwave Background by Galaxy Clusters

Brynteson, Matthew
Characterizing the Vibrational Energy Distributions, Angular Momenta, and Subsequent Dissociation Dynamics of Photolytically Generated Radicals

Can, Tankut Uzay
Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in a Curved Space

Fox, Christopher
Interpretation and Inference of Linear Structural Equation Models

Huynh, Toan
The Biology and Physics of Insulin Granule Transport, and Digital Chemistry for Diagnostics

Ji, Quanjiang
Exploration of Novel Small-Molecule Signaling Pathways in Staphylococcus aureus

Jiang, Duo
Statistical Methods for Genetic Association Analysis in Samples with Related Individuals and Population Structure

Lee, Gabriel
Applications of Effective Field Theory to the Higgs Mass Problem and the Proton Radius Puzzle

Lin, Jessica Catherine
On the Stochastic Homogenization for Fully Nonlinear Uniformly Parabolic Equations in Stationary Ergodic Spatio-Temporal Media

Liu, Nan
Geophysical Sciences
Isotopic Compositions of s-Process Elements in Acid-Cleaned Mainstream Presolar Silicon Carbide

Meehan, Samuel Ross
A Search for Resonant Production of ZZ/ZW Pairs in the Semi-leptonic llqq Final State in Proton-Proton Collisions at (square root of s) = 8 TeV with the ATLAS Detector

Miskin, Marc Zachary
The Automated Design of Materials Far From Equilibrium

Pelzer, Kenley
Quantum Biology: Elucidating Design Principles from Photosynthesis

Pham, Quan Tran
Computer Science
A Framework for Reproducible Computational Research

Shah, Raman Anand
Orientational and Quantum Plasmonic Effects in the Optics of Metal Nanoparticles

Sio, Kin I
Geophysical Sciences
Cooling and Crystallization Histories of Magmatic Bodies from In-situ Mg-Fe Isotopic Analyses in Zoned Olivines

Solon, Mikhail Pil
Heavy WIMP Effective Theory: Formalism and Application for Scattering on Nucleon Targets

Staats III, Charles Edgar
Rational Curves on Universal Hypersurfaces

Zhang, Yan
Asymptotic Behavior of Nonlocal KPP Equations

Zhong, Sheng
Mixed-Model Methods for Genome-Wide Association Analysis with Binary Traits

Division of the Social Sciences

Atalay, M. Enghin
Essays in Macroeconomics

Beldo, Jr., Leslie Emil
Comparative Human Development
Logics of Sacrifice: An Ethnography of the Makah Whaling Conflict

Brooks, Neon B.
Movements for Doing, Thinking, and Speaking: The Relationship Between Motor Experience and Gesture in Novice Mental Abacus Users

Caminade, Juliette
Essays in Industrial Organization

Coyle, Lauren
Sovereigns of the Golden Twilight: Law, Land, and Sacrificial Labor in Ghana

Doering, Jan
All in This Together? Crime, Race, and Community in Multiracial Neighborhoods

Douglas, Gordon C.C.
D.I.Y. Urban Design: Inequality, Privilege, and Creative Transgression in the Help-Yourself City

Edstam, Torsten Kitada
From Twelfth-Century Renaissance to Fifteenth-Century Reform: The Reception of Hugh of St. Victor in the Later Middle Ages

Enriquez, Falina
Composing Cultura: Musical Democracy and Multiculturalism in Recife, Brazil.

Frederick, Donald Edward
Olfactory System Dynamics: The Role of Tasks and Oscillations

Freeman, Gregory S.
Social Thought
Rousseau's Natural Man: <italic>Emile</italic> and Politics

Gerzhoy, Eugene
Political Science
Coercive Nonproliferation: Security, Leverage, and Nuclear Reversals

Hartzmark, Amanda
Businesses, Associations, and Regions in the Brazilian Sugar Industry, 1920-1990

Ironside, Kristy Lynn
The Value of a Ruble: A Social History of Money in Postwar Soviet Russia, 1945-1964

Kessler-Mata, Kouslaa
Political Science
A Constitutive Theory of Tribal Sovereignty: The Possibilities of Federalism

Kowalski, Julia Louise
Comparative Human Development
Claiming Care: Family Counseling and Women's Rights in Northwestern India

Kozakowski, Michael Alexander
From the Mediterranean to Europe: Migrants, the World of Work, and the Transformation of the French Mediterranean, 1945-1974

Leib, Erin Dana
Social Thought
God in the Years of Fury: Theodicy and Anti-Theodicy in the Holocaust Writings of Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira

Leighton, Mary
Uneven Fields: Transnational Expertise and the Practice of Andean Archaeology

Levine-Gronningsater, Sarah
Delivering Freedom: Gradual Emancipation, Black Legal Culture, and the Origins of Sectional Crisis in New York, 1759-1870

Makela, Sarah Stewart
The Challenges of Parent Involvement in a Diverse Parent Organization Landscape

Masri, Larisa Rana
The Rituals of Empire: Religion and Diplomacy in Republican Rome

May, Simon James
A Fighting People? Fijian Service in the British Army and the Production of Race and Nation

Mercado, Monica Lynn
Women and the Word: Gender, Print, and Catholic Identity in Nineteenth-Century America

Moon, Seong Hyeok
Essays on Human Development

Moore, Celeste Day
Race in Translation: Producing, Performing, and Selling African-American Music in Greater France, 1944-74

Nyssa, Zoe
Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science
Endangered Logics: Conservation Science in the American Academy

Park, Da Eun
Motivational Frameworks among Children in Early Elementary School

Remus, Emily Ann
The Making of the Consumer City: Gender, Space, and Class in Chicago, 1871-1914

Reyes, Teofilo L.
Comparative Human Development
From Oxytocin to Altruism: A Neurobiology of Parental Love as a Mechanism for Allocooperation in Humans

Sandoval, Claudia
Political Science
Conjuring Immigrant Racial Threat Narratives: Using Citizenship Status to Shape Black-Latino Relations in U.S. Politics

Sellers, Joshua Sands
Political Science
The "Crown Jewel" at a Crossroads: Appraising the Contemporary Political Function of the Voting Rights Act

Sumner, Jaclyn Ann
National Autocracy, Regional Governance: Tlaxcala, Mexico, 1885-1909

Swerts, Thomas
Non-citizen Citizenship: A Comparative Ethnography of Undocumented Activism in Chicago and Brussels

Teh, Limin
Mining for Differences: Race, Chinese Labor, and Japanese Colonialism in Fushun Coalmine, 1907-1945

Thorkelson, Eli David
Hostile Futures: Radical Philosophy and the French University Movement of 2009

Valiant, Seonaid
Two Automobiles from Teotihuacán: Archaeology and Ornamental Nationalism in the Porfirian Era, 1876-1911

Wille, Sheila Two
Governing Insects in Britain and the Empire, 1691-1816

Zhou, Haotian
More Than a Blood Pump: A Psychological Investigation of the Folk Conception of the Heart

Division of the Social Sciences and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Farboodi, Maryam
Economics and Business
Intermediation and Voluntary Exposure to Counterparty Risk

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Burrows, John Graham
The Value of an Enhanced Information Pooling Process in Group Estimation and Forecasting

Heinrichs, Anne
Investors' Access to Corporate Management: A Field Experiment about 1-on-1-Calls

Kaplan, Zachary R.
Does Bundling Affect Investor Processing?

Labor Market Peer Firms

Warty, Samir Pramod
Sequential Bayesian Learning for Stochastic Volatility with Variance-Gamma Jumps in Returns

Yeomans, Michael
Partisan Person Perception: The Origins of Straw Men

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and the Social Sciences Division

Cui, Rui
Business and Economics
What is cyclical in credit cycles?

The Divinity School

Burton, Emanuelle
Fantasy and Responsibility: Phronesis and Ethical Meaning-Making in the Chronicles of Narnia

Duncan, Patricia Ann
Novel Hermeneutics: Gospel Exegesis in the Pseudo-Clementine "Homilies"

Elgendy, Tarick
Power, Complicity, and Resistance: Rereading "The Powers" with Karl Barth and Michel Foucault

Guiu, Adrian N.
Reading Scripture, Unifying Creation: Becoming the Officina Omnium in John Scottus Eriugena's Periphyseon

Thompson, Alexs
Re-Reading al-&#7788;abar&#299;: Towards a Narratological Interpretation of the "History"

The School of Social Service Administration

Fabbre, Vanessa
Gender Transitions in Later Life

Reza, Md. Hasan
Social Networks, Social Support, and Survival on The Streets: An Exploratory Study of the Survival Strategies of Bangladeshi Street Youth