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Summer Quarter Dissertations (August 2019)

Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine

Gregory Jonathan Anthony
Medical Physics
Therapeutic Ultrasound: Improved Image Guidance and Combinatorial Treatments for Recurrent Prostate Cancer

Davis Vann Bennett
Structure and Function of Astroglia in Larval Zebrafish

Daniel Fernando Camacho
Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program: Immunology
Antigen-Presenting Cells in Type 2 Lung Inflammatory Responses

Eyjólfur Guðmundsson
Medical Physics
Functional, Volumetric, and Textural Analysis of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Using Computed Tomography and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Alexander Guzzetta
Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program: Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology
A Hedgehog-Fgf Signaling Cascade Patterns the Anterior-Posterior Axis During Embryonic Development

Yanran He
Cancer Biology
Simultaneous Targeting of Multiple Cancer-Specific Antigens on a Cancer Cell by One Chimeric Antigen Receptor

Jonathan Harry Kerem Kahn
Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition
Uncovering the Complex Metabolic Role of Silencing Mediator of Retinoid and Thyroid Hormone Receptors (SMRT)

Victoria Lee
Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program: Immunology
The Endogenous Repertoire Harbors Self-Reactive CD4+ T Cell Clones That Adopt a T Follicular Helper-like Phenotype at Steady State

Philip Thomas McGilvray
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Structural and Functional Characterization of Novel Eukaryotic Membrane Protein Biogenesis Factors

Leila Marie Reyes Ruiz
Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology
Regulation of Surface Attachment by a Suite of Two-Component Systems and Transcription Factors in Caulobacter Crescentus

Daniel Ruiz
Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition
Developmental Misprogramming of Metabolism by Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals: A Focus on the Glucocorticoid Receptor-Modulating Fungicide Tolylfluanid

Jeffrey David Steimle
Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology
TBX5: A Key Regulator of Cardiopulmonary Development and Disease Sriram Sundaravel Cancer Biology Mechanism of Action of a Signaling Protein DOCK4 in Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Calvin Scott VanOpstall
Cancer Biology
Revealing Mechanisms of Tumor Suppression Driven by MEIS and HOX Transcription Factors in Prostate Cancer

Alyson Lange Yee
Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program: Microbiology
Determinants of the Early Life Microbiome

Division of the Humanities

George William Adams IV
Listening to Conceptual Music: Technology, Culture, Analysis

Hannah Brooks-Motl
English Language and Literature
War, Cities, Trash: Some Midcentury Pastorals

Ebenezer Concepcion
Romance Languages and Literatures
Inverting (Trans)Modern Subjects: Toward a (Re)Vision of Sex, Gender, and Race in Two Novels by Alfonso Hernández-Catá (1885-1940)

Roger Edward Eichorn
Philosophy and Everyday Life: Thompson Clarke and the Legacy of Skepticism

Jose Estrada
Romance Languages and Literatures
"El monstro con su figura": Ruiz de Alarcón's Transatlantic Self-Fashioning

Julian Grove
Scope-taking and presupposition satisfaction

Aliz Horvath
East Asian Languages and Civilizations
The Dai Nihonshi Phenomenon: Confucianism, Collaboration, and Tradition in Early Modern Japanese History Writing (1657-1906)

Kathleen Ann Howe
Having a Body and Having a Perspective: An Account of Proprioceptive Awareness

Charles Allen Huff
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Punishment in the Priestly Literature

Lauren Michele Jackson
English Language and Literature
Black Vertigo: Attunement, Aphasia, Nausea, and Bodily Noise, 1970 to the Present

So Hye Kim
East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Impossible Homecoming: Cinematic Returns of Korean Diaspora in Post–Cold War East Asia

Max Koss
Art History
The Art of the Periodical: Pan, Print Culture and the Birth of Modern Design in Germany, 1890-1900

Sarah Shoshanna Kunjummen
English Language and Literature
“Intrinsic Presence”: Revisions of Intimacy in Seventeenth-Century Britain

Kevin Joseph Lam
Visions at War in Lucan's Bellum Civile

Jane Mikkelson
South Asian Languages and Civilizations and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Worlds of the Imagination: Bīdel of Delhi (d.1720) and Early Modern Persian Lyric Style

Ahona Panda
South Asian Languages and Civilizations
Philology and the Politics of Language: The Case of Bengali, 1893-1955

Madadh Pyrene Richey
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Visions of Gods and Monsters: Levantine and Mesopotamian Iconographies of Divine Combat and Their Textual Impressions

Lauren Ann Schachter
English Language and Literature
Fixing Words: English Grammar and the Literary Imagination in Britain, 1760-1832

Rachel Nicole Schine
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
On Blackness in Arabic Popular Literature: The Black Heroes of the Siyar Sha'biyya, Their Conceptions, Contests, and Contexts

Christina Michelle Weaver
A Multi-Generational Acoustic and Sociolinguistic Study of Emphasis in Turoyo

Melanie Lynn Zeck
Well-Regulated Amusements and the Longitudinal Viability of Robert Owen's "Plan for the Amelioration of the Condition of Mankind": New Harmony, Indiana, 1825-1874

Boqun Zhou
East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Mechanical Metaphors in Early Chinese Thought

Division of the Humanities and the Division of the Social Sciences

Claire Nadine Roosien
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and History
Socialism Mediated: The Soviet Mass Public in Uzbekistan, 1928-37

Division of the Physical Sciences

Mohamed Ragab Abdelhafez
Quantum Optimal Control Using Automatic Differentiation

Nazerke Bakytzhan
Visibility of Torsors of Modular Abelian Varieties

Daniel Campos Salas
Reconstruction of the Magnetic Field for a Schrödinger Operator in a Cylindrical Setting

Christina Chan
Nanoscale Coordination Polymers for Chemotherapeutic and Biological Cancer Therapy

Yun Cheng
Galois Representations and Modular Forms Mod 2

Carlos Ignacio di Fiore
Matrix Factorizations for Quasi-Coherent Sheaves of Categories

Zoheyr Doctor
Hearing and Seeing the Universe: Results from Gravitational-Wave and Optical Studies of Merging Neutron Stars and Black Holes

Wushi Dong
First-Principles Simulations of Quantum Electron Transport in Two-Dimensional Semiconductor Nanodevices

Nicholas John Frontiere
CRKSPH - A Conservative Reproducing Kernel Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Scheme Simas Glinskis Physics Braiding Anyons in the $\nu$ = 5/2 Fractional Quantum Hall Effect State

Yining Han
Bottom-Up Coarse-Graining Bridging Various Scales: From Quantum Statistics to Mesoscale

Yuefeng Han
Robust Estimation of High Dimensional Time Series

Kade Maya Head-Marsden
Pair Theory and Open Systems From a Reduced Density Matrix Perspective

Pengfei Hu
Quaternary Center-Guided Synthesis

Eric McNeal Janke
Role of Disorder in III-V Nanocrystal Emitters and Self Assembly of Charge Stabilized Colloids

Kelliann Cleary Koehler
Synthesis and Characterization of Varied Silicon Nanomaterial Interfaces for Photoresponsive Applications

Haopeng Liu
Computer Science
Modeling and Tackling Timing Bugs in Multi-threaded Systems and Distributed Systems

Yao Lu
Parametric control of flux-tunable superconducting circuits

Christopher Gordon McKennan
Latent Variables in 'omic' Data

Kieran Alexander Murphy
Granular Materials as a Model for how Disordered Systems Adapt

Xike Nie
Geophysical Sciences
Iron Isotope Tracing of Planetary Surface Processes and Rubidium Isotope Tracing of Volatile Element Depletion Processes

Vadim Semenov
Astronomy and Astrophysics
How Galaxies Form Stars: The Connection between Local and Global Star Formation in Galaxies

Minxing Shen
The Evolution of Strategies for the Development of Novel Electrophilic Reagents and the Total Synthesis of Diverse Natural Products

Hailing Shi
Decoding the Epitranscriptome: Reader Proteins Tailoring Regulatory Functions of mRNA Modifications

Roselyne Barreto Tchoua
Computer Science
Hybrid Human-Machine Scientific Information Extraction

Erik Henning Thiede
Towards the Accurate Estimation of Rare Events in Molecular Dynamics

Jianchun Wang
Site-Selective C−H Functionalization via Palladium/Norbornene Cooperative Catalysis

Jiasu Xu
Synthetic Studies toward Ambiguine Natural Products and Total Synthesis of (−)-Ambiguine P

Ki-Young Yoon
An Organic Chemist's Journey in Materials Synthesis : Synthesis of Graphene Nanoribbons and Other Macromolecules by Metal Catalysis

Jing Yu
On the Application, Theory and Computation of Optimal Experimental Design in the Context of Sensor Placement

Fakhri Saleh Zahedy
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Multi-Pronged Studies of Diffuse Halo Gas around Massive Quiescent Galaxies

Yiwen Zhou
Completed cohomology and Iwasawa theory

Division of the Physical Sciences and the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine

Cesar Emilio Cardona Uribe
Biophysical Sciences
Using Genomically Inferred Co-Occurrence and Metabolic Networks to Characterize the Built Environment Microbiome

Daniel Henry Solz Kerr
Biophysical Sciences
The Membrane Context of Phosphatidylserine Exposure Influences its Recognition by the TIM Proteins: A Structurally Guided Study

Division of the Social Sciences

Michaela Appeltova
Did the Body Have a Cold War? Gendered Bodies and Embodied Experiences in Late Socialist Czechoslovakia

Jonah Michael Fares Augustine
Style, Aesthetics, and Politics: Polychrome Ceramic Iconography in the Tiwanaku Valley, AD 500-1100

Hanisah Binte Abdullah Sani
Elite Politics, Jurisdictional Conflicts and the Legacy of Colonial State Building in Malaysia

Carlos Cardenas-Iniguez
A Critical Examination of the Impact of Social Stratification and the Environment on Brain Development and Mental Health

Eric Chase-Sosnoff
Political Science
The Effect of Perceived Discrimination on Authoritarianism Among Stigmatized Racial Minorities: A Multi-level Analysis

John Skylor Cropper
Fueling the State: Energy, Politics, and the Environment in Senegal, 1450 to the Present

Molly Kathleen Cunningham
Detroit Can’t Wait: Love and War at the Brink of Municipal Death (An Ethnographic Accounting of Emergency)

Nicholas Carby Denning
Reconstituting the Nature of the Nation: Extractivism, Biodiversity, and the Rights of Nature in Ecuador

Mariya Grinberg
Political Science
Planning for the Short Haul: Explaining Wartime Trade between Enemies

Sana Jaffrey
Political Science
Leveraging the Leviathan: Politics of Impunity and the Rise of Vigilantism in Democratic Indonesia

Elisa Joy Jones
Liberty of Conscience and the Boundaries of the Polity: Toleration, Sovereignty, and Citizenship in Sixteenth-Century France

Noriko Kanahara
Perceptions of Islam and Muslims in Japan, 1920-1945

Omid Kardan
No Hurst for the Weary: Suppression of Scale-Free Brain Activity as a Measure of Cognitive Effort and Predictor of Working Memory Performance

William Spencer Levine
Political Science
The Movement is Everything: Radical Kantianism and the Ideal of Emancipation in Modern Germany

Maria Michele Macia
The Disparate Impact Standard and Housing Discrimination in Mortgage Lending

James Patrick Murphy
Essays on the Social Organization of Adolescent Peer Groups

Ishan Brownell Nath
The Food Problem and the Aggregate Productivity Consequences of Climate Change

Carly Offidani-Bertrand
Comparative Human Development
Understanding Collective Interpretation and Response to Cultural Change: A Case Study of a Mixed Status Immigrant Community in Chicago

Melissa Osborne
How First-Generation College Students Navigate Social Mobility

Tejas Parasher
Political Science
Self-Rule and the State in Indian Political Thought, 1880-1950

Jeffrey Nathaniel Parker
That Kind of Neighborhood: Creating, Contesting, and Commodifying Place Reputation

Michael Steven Rosol
Political Science
Weberian Militaries: Promotion and Appointment Systems as a Determinate of Military Effectiveness in Population Centric Counterinsurgency

Marjorie Weber Schaeffer
Understanding How Key Socializers' Attitudes Influence Children's Math Performance

Haeden Eli Stewart
In the Shadow of Industry: The Lively Decay of Mill Creek Ravine

Winnie Lillian van Dijk
Essays on Rental Housing Market Policies and the Socio-Economic Mobility of Low-Income Households

Yike Wang
Panel Data with High-Dimensional Factors: Inference on Treatment Effects with an Application to Sampled Networks

Patrick R. Ward
A Method for Obtaining Closed-Form Policy Solutions to Dynamic Optimization Problems

The Divinity School

Ezra Blaustein
Cataloging Revelation: Echoes of Islamic Legal Theory in Maimonides' Sefer ha-Mitsvot [Book of Commandments]

Cathleen Kavita Chopra-McGowan
Representing the Destruction of Jerusalem: Literary Artistry and the Shaping of Memory in 2 Kings 25, Lamentations, and Ezekiel

Cameron Evan Ferguson
The Binding of Past to Present: A New Perspective on the Use of Paul in the Gospel of Mark

Michelle Anne Harrington
Laying Down One's Life: Autonomy in the Time of Medicalized Death

Jawad Anwar Qureshi
Sunni Tradition in an Age of Revival and Reform: Sa‘id Ramadan al-Buti (1929-2013) and His Interlocutors

Hannah Amaris Roh
Specters of Western Metaphysics: Christianity and Colonial Modernity in Early Modern Korea, 1876-1945

The Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies

Katherine Ann Baird
Risk Updating and the Economics of the Catastrophe Bond Market

The Law School

Marcos David Garcia Dominguez
International Administrative Due Process

Weijia Rao
Empirical Essays on the Institutional Design of Investor-State Dispute Settlement

The Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering

Alec Steven Bowen
Coarse Grained Modeling of Semiflexible and Anisotropic Materials

Moshe Dolejsi
New Methods and Materials for Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers

Katie Marie Herbert
Targeted Design of Dynamic and Mechanical Bonds Towards Functional, Responsive Polymeric Networks

Yu Kambe
Ion Transport in Nanoscale Polymer Pathways

Selami Emre Sevgen
Leveraging Free Energy in Molecular Dynamics: Applications and New Approaches

Hao Wu
Exploring Non-Equilibrium Physics of Polyelectrolyte Complexes via X-ray, Neutron, Imaging, and Modeling

The School of Social Service Administration

Kathryn Tasha Bocanegra
Correctional Boundaries: Examining Punishment in Community; A Spatial Analysis of Probation in Chicago, Illinois

Mary Elizabeth Bunn
Restoring Social Bonds: Group-Based Treatment and the Social Resources of Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Ashley Elizabeth Cureton
Patterns of Student Engagement among Muslim Refugee Youth: The Role of Schools in the Trump Era

Nora Yvette Medina
Early Relationships between Young Low-Income Mothers and Their Infants

Keunhye Park
The Influence of Social Surroundings on Juvenile and Criminal Justice Involvement of 17-Year-Olds Transitioning from Foster Care to Adulthood: A Longitudinal and Life-Course Approach

Sadiq Yusuf Patel
Examining the Proximal Experiences of Urban Youth in Chicago, Illinois

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Peter Chao-Wen Chen
Mergers, Aggregate Productivity, and Markups

An Qi
Machine Learning Models Applied To High Frequency Financial Data

Spring Quarter Dissertations (June 2019)

Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine

Wanhao Chi
(Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology)
Genetic and Neural Mechanisms of PNPO Deficiency in Vitamin B6-Dependent Epilepsy

Anna Dembo
(Cancer Biology)
Preventing Estrogen Receptor Alpha-Positive Breast Cancer Outgrowth with the Use of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Kaitlin Elise Homa
(Cell and Molecular Biology)
Self-Organization of the Fission Yeast Actin Cytoskeleton

Dallas Krentzel
(Evolutionary Biology)
The Evolutionary Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Diversification Dynamics of Repeatedly Evolved Masseter Muscles in Rodents

Bryan Richard Lenneman
(Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology)
Bacteriophage N4 Comparative Genomics and the Mechanism of N4 RNAPII Transcription Initiation

Katherine Leon
(Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics)
Structural Basis for Adhesion G Protein-Coupled Receptor Gpr126 Function

Yuanyuan Li
(Cancer Biology)
The Essential Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Epidermal Differentiation and Homeostasis

Iuri Matteuzzo Ventura
(Ecology and Evolution)
Functional Evolution of Young Retrogenes with Regulatory Roles in Drosophila

Lindsey Elizabeth Montefiori
(Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology)
Genetic and Genomic Approaches to Investigate the Roles of Cis-Regulatory Elements in Development and Disease

Kayla Rae Robinson
(Medical Physics)
Machine Learning on Medical Imaging for Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

Katherine Elizabeth Silliman
(Evolutionary Biology)
Population Structure and Local Adaptation in the Olympia Oyster (Ostrea lurida)

Laura Catherine Southcott
(Evolutionary Biology)
Mate Choice Behaviour and the Evolution of Butterfly Species

(Evolutionary Biology)
Effect of Ants on Elevational Diversity Pattern of Birds in the Eastern Himalaya

Yoseop Yoon
(Integrative Biology)
Evolution of Embryonic Axis Determinants via Alternative Transcription

Division of the Humanities

William James Carroll
(Cinema & Media Studies and East Asian Languages & Civilizations)
The Depth of Flatness and the Voice of Silence: Suzuki Seijun and 1960s Japanese Film Theory

Kalisha Renee Cornett
(Cinema and Media Studies)
Out of the Blur of the Background: Landscape and Experience in the Road Film

Ksenia Alexeyevna Ershova
Syntactic Ergativity in West Circassian

Ji Gao
(Romance Languages and Literatures)
Guillaume Roville et Benoît Rigaud (1545-1597). Politiques èditoriales, contraintes èconomiques et ambitions culturelles en France dans la seconde moitié du seizième siècle.

Shiraz Ali Hajiani
(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)
Reconstructing Alamut: New Approaches to the Study of the Qiyāma and the Nizari Polity in Iran

Zhuqing Hu
From Ut Re Mi to Fourteen-Tone Temperament: The Global Acoustemologies of an Early Modern Chinese Tuning Reform

Bertie Moontasir Kibreah
Banter and Bricolage at the Burial Chamber: Dialectical Devotionalism in Bangladesh

Claire Elizabeth Kirwin
Value Realism and the First-Person Perspective

David Anthony Krolikoski
(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)
Lyrical Translation: The Formation of Modern Poetic Language in Colonial Korea

Peter John Lido
(English Language and Literature)
Queer Honor: White Masculinity in the Southern Novel, 1936 - 1970

Joshua Mendelsohn
Aristotle on the Necessity of What We Know

Patrick Joseph Munoz
On Tongues: The Grammar of Experiential Evaluation

Ameera Nimjee
Moving Bodies: The Politics of Mobility in Indian Contemporary Dance

Jessica Gabriel Peritz
The Lyric Mode of Voice: Song and Subjectivity in Italy, 1769–1815

Jessica Christine Resvick
(Germanic Studies)
Reading Recognition: The Poetics of Poetic Realism

Amanda Shubert
(English Language and Literature)
Virtual Realism: Victorian Fiction as Optical Technology

Alexander Hill Sorenson
(Germanic Studies)
Trials by Water: Law, Sacrifice and Submergence in German Realism

Nancy Ann Thebaut
(Art History)
Non est hic: Figuring Christ's Absence in Early Medieval Art

Chalcedony Bodnar Wilding
(English Language and Literature)
Skeletonization, Cameraflage, Loitering: Habits of Witnessing after the Great War

David Avari Patrick Womble
(English Language and Literature)
The Physiology of the Multitude: Mass Bodies and the Novel, 1748-1907

Yoke Hin Nicholas Wong
(Comparative Literature)
Minor-Peninsular Genres: Genealogies of Twentieth-Century Southeast Asian Chinese Writing

Yuqian Yan
(Cinema & Media Studies and East Asian Languages & Civilizations)
The Ancient as Enchantment: Cinematic Representation of the Past in Republican China

Division of the Physical Sciences

Oishee Banerjee
Cohomology of Algebraic Varieties via Suitable Filtration

Mahtiyar Bonakdarpour
Statistical Machine Learning Methods for Complex, Heterogeneous Data

Stephen Philip Cameron
Modulus of Continuity Method for the Muskat Problem and Fractional Mean Curvature Flow

Kasturi Chakraborty
DNA-Based Nanodevices to Probe Lysosomal Diseases by Chemical Imaging

Cheryl Louise Dembe
Development of Low Temperature Thermometry in the 20mK (0.02K) Region, Involving Induced Circuitry Surrounding Cerium Magnesium Nitrate, Applied to an Investigation of Quantized Vortices Generated around Alpha Particles in a He3/He4 Dilution Refrigerator

Huseyin Gokalp Demirci
(Computer Science)
Approximation Algorithms for Capacitated k-Median and Scheduling with Resource and Precedence Constraints

Lin Deng
Rhodium-Catalyzed C−C Bond Activation of Four-Membered Ring Ketones

Zhiyuan Ding
A Toy Model of Shtukas

Yuanwei Fang
(Computer Science)
Extreme Acceleration and Seamless Integration of Raw Data Processing

Lei Feng
Coherent Nonequilibrium Many-Body Dynamics in Driven Bose Condensates

Nir Gadish
A General Framework for Representation Stability, with Applications to Arrangements and Arithmetic

Yordanka Aleksandrova Kovacheva
Intersection Pairing of Cycles and Biextensions

Thomas Kuntz
Towards Molecular Microbial Medicine

Gihoon Lee
Metabolite-Induced Protein Modifications in Cell Signaling: A Direct Link between Metabolism and Regulatory Pathways of the Cell

Andrew Ludwig
Radio Detection of Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos

Sara Chamberlin Massey
Ultrafast Energy Transfer and Orientational Dynamics in Photosynthetic Bacterial Membranes

Joelle Mbatchou
Assessments of Significance for Genetic Association Analysis in Structured Samples

Daniel Micheroni
Metal-Organic Frameworks for Energy Applications

Drew Moore
Cohomology of Towers of Discrete Subgroups in GL_n over a p-adic Field

Margaret Nichols
Taut Sutured Handlebodies as Twisted Homology Products

Ngoc Hoang Minh Pham
On Lefschetz's Form of the Number of Cuspidal Representations with Some Steinberg Local Components

Andrew W Phillips
Controlling Nanoscale Silicon Surfaces for Tailored Interfaces

Erik Douglas Reinhart
Metal Complexes Supported by Novel Ligands

Jeffrey D. Sayler
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study of the Reaction of Alkanethiolate Self-Assembled Monolayers with Atomic Hydrogen

Benjamin Seeger
Fully Nonlinear Stochastic Partial Differential Equations

Hassan Shapourian
Topology and Entanglement in Fermionic Systems

Donghyuk Suh
Enhanced Sampling Methodologies for Free Energy Calculations in Biomolecular Systems

Samuel James Whiteley
Spin-Phonon Interactions with Defects in Silicon Carbide

Alison Mae Wilders
Synthesis and Olefin Polymerization Behavior of Electronically-Unsymmetrical Pd(II)-Alkyl Catalysts

Nicholas Edward Williams
Probing Quantum Dynamics and Spectral Broadening in Semiconductor Nanocrystals With Nonlinear Spectroscopies

Fan Yang
Estimation and Inference for High Dimensional Data with Structured Signals

Qiancheng You
Novel Methods for In-Depth Investigation of Chromatin Structure and Epigenetic Landmark

Huazhe Zhang
(Computer Science)
Maximizing Performance in Power-Constrained Computing Systems

Lisheng Zhang
High-Resolution Mapping of mRNA Modifications

Chun Zhou
Self-Assembly of Block Copolymer Thin Films for Fabricating Tailored Nanostructures

Division of the Physical Sciences and the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine

Kevin Changhun Song
(Biophysical Sciences)
Folding and Misfolding of the Potassium Channel Pore Domain during Assembly and Tetramerization

Division of the Social Sciences

Triwit Ariyathugun
Asset Pricing Implications of the Interest on Reserves Policy

Fabian Arzuaga
Political Science
Paradoxes of Individuality: Liberalism, the Crisis of Work, and the Critique of Political Economy

Lindsay Marie Atnip
Social Thought
From Tragic Form to Apocalyptic Reality in Four American Works: Toward an Epistemological Theory and Practice of Reading

Anam Khan Barakzai
Which Side Are You On? How Friends Balance Competing Obligations of Loyalty and Morality

Meru Bhanot
The Effects of Credit Supply Shocks and Neighborhood Spillovers on Housing Investment: Evidence from Chicago

Yuna Blajer de la Garza
Political Science
A House Is Not a Home: Citizenship and Belonging in Contemporary Democracies

Joe Bonni
Everything Is Full of Gods: Representing Religion at the Edges of Empires

Nicolás Andrés Castro Cienfuegos
Essays in Macroeconomics and Production Networks

Jose Ignacio Cuesta
Essays on Regulation of Credit and Health Markets

Ryan William Dahn
Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science
The Forgotten Founder of Quantum Mechanics: The Science and Politics of Physicist Pascual Jordan, 1902–1980

Kelly Elizabeth Faig
The Psychophysiology of Social Behavior: A Focus on the Behavioral Immune System

Joshua James Foster
Alpha-Band Oscillations Track Spatial Priority in the Human Brain

Chiara Fratto
Essays on Mobility Restrictions and Agents' Behavior

Tom Gijssels
Action Language Understanding Reflects Bodily and Social Experience

David M Gutherz
Social Thought
Towards The People: The Search for Subjugated Knowledges in Post-Fascist Italy

Lloyd Sangwoo Han
Dynamics of Macroeconomic Forecasting Variation and Correlation Structure in the Business Cycle

Alexis Lyn-Marie Howard
Comparative Human Development
Exploring Disability Outcomes Among Aging Latinos in the United States: A Mixed Methods Approach

Tania Islas Weinstein
Political Science
Politics in a House of Mirrors: Art, Nationalism, and Representation in Contemporary Mexico

Jennifer Marcella Jackson
Political Science
Race, Risks, and Responses: Mapping Black Americans' Reactions to Group Threat

Steven Andrew Jacobs
Comparative Human Development
Balancing Abortion Rights and Fetal Rights: A Mixed Methods Mediation of the U.S. Abortion Debate

Kyu-hyun Jo
The Rise of the South Korean Left, the Death of Unitary Socialism, and the Origins of the Korean War, 1945-1947

Trish Kahle
The Graveyard Shift: Mining Democracy in an Age of Energy Crisis, 1963-1981

Jun Hyung Kim
The Economics of Parenting Skill and Child Development

Michael James Kirker
Essays on Productivity Growth from New Workers

Danya Raquel Lagos
Embodiment, Identity, and Gender Regimes in the United States: Findings from Population Surveys

Elliot Andrew Layden
Functional Connectivity Signatures of Interhemispheric Coordination and Vocal Learning in the Zebra Finch Brain

Jeong-Ha Lee
'We are the Red Cavalry! (My-Krasnaia kavaleriia!)': A Collective Biography of the Red Cavalry Commanders, 1918-1938

Zachary T Leonard
Against "Anomaly": India Reformism and the Politics of Colonial Dissent

Emily Lyons
Comparative Human Development
Learning under Pressure: Stereotype Threat and Evaluative Performance Pressure in the Mathematics Classroom

Tasneem Mustafa Mandviwala
Comparative Human Development
That Thing on Their Heads: How Muslim American Women Became Navigators of a New Culture

Erin Katherine McFee
Comparative Human Development
An Ambivalent Peace: Mistrust, Reconciliation, and the Intervention Encounter in Colombia

Kirsty Montgomery
“Floating Bridges,” “Knotty Points,” and “Boroughmonger Tools”: Malthus, Extra-Parliamentary Politics, and the Debates on Emigration, 1798-1834

Nora Catherine Nickels
Comparative Human Development
The Relationship between Acute Psychosocial Stress, Hormones, Cognition, and Social Behavior in Men and Women

Noemi Nocera
Essays on Immigration and the Family in Labor Economics

Krisztina Orban
The Inception of Capitalism Through the Lens of Firms

Kai Perry Parker
Faith without Hope: Black Protestants, Chicago, and the Critique of Progress, 1914-1968

Alicia Rose Riley
The Social Production of Health Inequalities across State and Regional Contexts

Megan Marie Savel Hawryluk
Political Science
Expectations, Perceptions, and Social Roles: The Effects and Performance of Gender in Campaigns for the United States Congress

Caroline Virginie Sequin
Prostitution and the Policing of Race in the French Atlantic, 1848-1947

Joseph Edward Simmons
Social Thought
Irenic Modernism: The Early Work of David Jones and W. H. Auden

Philip Bennett Sugg
Social Thought
The Search for a View of the Whole: Models of Community in Goethe, Eliot and Melville

Muhammed Alparslan Tuncay
Assortative Mating and Inequality

Gabriel Mateo Velez
Comparative Human Development
Conceptualized Peace: A Study of Colombian Adolescents' Meaning Making and Civic Development

Marilyn S. Webb
The Good Death: The New American Search to Reshape the End of Life

Karen J. Ye
Understanding Peer Effects in Educational Decisions: Evidence from Theory and a Field Experiment

Division of the Social Sciences and the Division of the Humanities

Britta Elisabeth Ingebretson
Anthropology and Linguistics
Curating Value: The Politics of Language and Leisure in Huangshan, China

Konrad Charles Weeda
Social Thought and Classics
Imagined Languages and Forms of Life: Horace Reads Virgil

Division of the Social Sciences and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Michael Duglas Barnett
(Economics and Business)
A Run on Oil: Climate Policy, Stranded Assets, and Asset Prices

Alejandro Hoyos Suarez
(Economics and Business)
Clientele Political Ideology and Asset Prices

Willem Jan van Vliet
(Economics and Business)
Connections as Jumps: Estimating Financial Interconnectedness from Market Data

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Jae Hyen Chung
Estimation of Sequential Search Models

Raphael Duguay
The Economic Consequences of Financial Audit Regulation in the Charitable Sector

Hye-young Kim
Consumer Mind Perceptions: How Technology Influences Mind Attributions to Objects and People

Sehwa Kim
Do Delays in Banks’ Loan Loss Provisioning Affect Economic Downturns? Evidence from the U.S. Housing Market

Justin Hilyin Leung
The Impact of Government Policies on Retail Prices and Welfare

Jinzhi Lu
Limited Attention: Implications for Financial Reporting

Anna Nakhmurina
Does Fiscal Monitoring Make Better Governments? Evidence from US Municipalities

Jung Sakong
Essays in Business Cycles, Inequality and Racial Discrimination

John Shim
Arbitrage Comovement

Ling Yang
An Information Quality-Based Explanation for Delayed Loan Loss Provisioning during the 2008 Financial Crisis

Xiao Zhang
Expectation Error

Yiwen Zhang
Consumer Decisions in Response to Price Increases

Charles Zou
Learning-by-Doing and Preference Discovery in Video Game Play

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and the Division of the Social Sciences

Klakow Akepanidtaworn
(Business and Economics)
Can Institutional Investors Trade on News? Evidence from Firm-Level and Macroeconomic Announcements

Gregory Edward Buchak
(Business and Economics)
Financing the Gig Economy

Paymon Khorrami
(Business and Economics)
The Risk of Risk-Sharing: Diversification and Boom-Bust Cycles

Johnathan Loudis
(Business and Economics)
Expectations in the Cross Section: Stock Price Reactions to the Information and Bias in Analyst-Expected Returns

Yiyao Wang
(Business and Economics)
Counterparty Risk and Repo Runs

The Divinity School

John Whitney Buchmann
The Price of Solidarity: Adam Smith, Thomas Aquinas, and the Ethics of Exchange

Darryl Scott Dale-Ferguson
Capable Agents and Just Institutions: A Reconstruction of Paul Ricoeur's "Ethical Aim" Using Anthony Giddens' Theory of Structuration

William Ezekiel Goggin
Hegel's Sacrificial Imagination

Timothy Gutmann
Conscripting Traditions: Islam, Confucianism, Modernity

Lisa Landoe Hedrick
Theology after the Problem of Intentionality: A Whiteheadian Corrective for Analytic Philosophy of Language

Russell Johnson
Communication Ethics in Social Conflict: Nonviolent and Christian Perspectives

Michael Thomas Le Chevallier
The Stain of Association and the Burden of Membership: Institutional Ethics in Paul Ricoeur and Catholic Social Thought

Robert John Porwoll
Parisian Pedagogies: The Educational Debate between Peter Abelard, Hugh of Saint-Victor, Peter Lombard, and John of Salisbury

Susan Christopher Shields
Beyond Words: Reading the Bible in Antebellum Contexts

David Kerman Tomlinson
Buddhahood and Philosophy of Mind: Ratnākaraśānti, Jñānaśrīmitra, and the Debate over Mental Content (Ākāra)

Stephen C. Walker
Boundless Ways: Undoing Dào in the Zhuāngzǐ

The Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies

Nour Julnar Abdul-Razzak
Essays in Social Policy and Crime

The Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering

Alfred Chi-Fei Chon
Development of Spatially Controlled Innate Immune Agonists

Lu Li
Phase Behaviors and Composition Partitioning in Polyelectrolyte Complexation Systems

Brittany Anne Moser
Engineering the Immune System to Improve Vaccines: From Molecular Probe Design to Translational Applications

Winter Quarter Dissertations (March 2019)

Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine

Erin Alana Thorpe Boyle Anderson
(Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology)
The Role of the Tbx5 Paralogues during Pectoral Fin Development in Zebrafish

Christopher Daniel Katanski
(Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics)
Mechanisms of Remodeling Translation during Stress

Sangman Michael Kim
Tissue Stress and Posttranslational Modifications of Gluten Drive the Development of Tissue Destruction in Celiac Disease

Elizabeth Erin Lailei Lee
Novel Methods and Techniques to Investigate Voltage Sensitive Proteins

SangWook Lee
(Computational Neuroscience)
Corticocortical Connections between the Primary Motor and Somatosensory Cortices in the Macaque

Lindsey Megan Fong Mao
(Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology)
TBX5A Functions in Anterior Lateral Plate Mesoderm Specification and Migration in Zebrafish Embryos

Mohammad Siddiq
(Ecology and Evolution)
The Role of Alcohol Dehydrogenase Evolution in Alcohol Adaptation of Drosophila melanogaster

Claire Stedden
(Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology)
Semaphorin Signaling Coordinates the Collective Migration of Epithelial Cells in the Drosophila Egg Chamber

Andy Vo
(Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology)
Genetic Modifiers of Muscular Dystrophy

Ali Ekrem Yesilkanal
(Cancer Biology)
Discovery of Anti-metastatic Therapies Guided by the Physiological Suppressor Raf Kinase Inhibitory Protein

Division of the Humanities

Nadia Chana
To Listen on Indigenous Land: Method, Context, Crisis

Nicholas Mahood Lambrecht
(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)
New Arrivals: Returnee Identity and the Memory of Repatriation in Japanese Literature

Solveig Nelson
(Art History)
The Whole World Is (Still) Watching: The Televisual, Early Video, Nonviolent Direct Action, 1930s-1970s

Natalie L Trevino
Inspiration and Narrative in the Homeric Odyssey

Division of the Physical Sciences

Mary Terese Burkey
Searching for Tensor Currents in the Weak Interaction Using Lithium-8 β Decay

Hillary Lyn Child
Cosmology through Large-Scale Structure: Baryon Acoustic Oscillations in the Bispectrum and Evolution of Halo Profiles

Nathan Don Earnest
Engineering Light-Matter Interactions with Metastable States in a Heavy Fluxonium

William Foreman
A Demonstration of Light-Augmented Calorimetry for Low-Energy Electrons in Liquid Argon

Nicole M James
The Role of Surface Chemistry in the Shear Jamming of Dense Suspensions

Nelson Leung
Quantum Computing with Distributed Modules

Joseph Nathanael Mastron
Fluorescence-Encoded Infrared Vibrational Spectroscopies

Jonathan Raybin
Defects and Dynamics in Block Copolymer Thin Films: A Study of Polymer Pattern Evolution with Environmentally-Controlled Atomic Force Microscopy

Guohua Shen
Synthesis of Mercury Chalcogenide Colloidal Quantum Dots and Core Shells

Nolan Miller Shepherd
Manipulating Electromagnetic Fields in Colloidal Metal Nanoparticle Systems

Vishal Hasmukh Soni
Geometry of Colloidal Materials

Shareefa Thekkan
cHOClate: A DNA-Based Fluorescent Probe to Quantitatively Map Subcellular HOCl

Zongan Wang
Fast, Atomic-Level Simulations of the Forced Unfolding of Proteins Using a New Membrane Burial Potential

Benjamin Weissman
Analysis of Self-Cleaving Ribozyme Transition States

Division of the Physical Sciences and the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine

Ryan Lee Mork
(Biophysical Sciences)
Staphylococcus aureus Acquisition, Persistence, and Infection Dynamics in the Household

Division of the Social Sciences

Marcel Sebastian Anduiza Pimentel
From Pacific Gateway to Tourist City: Mobility, Revolution, and the Development of the Mexican Seaside, Acapulco, Mexico, 1849-1970

Mohamad Ballan
The Scribe of the Alhambra: Lisān al-Dīn ibn al-Khaṭīb, Sovereignty and History in Nasrid Granada

Amy Michelle Genova
Strategies of Resistance: Cretan Archaeology and Political Networks during the Late 19th and Early 20th Century

Alfredo Gonzalez
(Political Science)
Other Than Honorable: The Rise and Decline of Citizenship-for-Service, 1918-1965

Mary Denise Robertson
Selling Aspiration, Recognizing Difference: Race, Class, and the Politics of Advertising in South Africa

Christopher Patrick Todd
The Slaves' Money: Bondage, Freedom and Social Change in Jamaica, 1776-1832

Division of the Social Sciences and the Division of the Humanities

Luke Harry Parker
(Social Thought and Classics)
Listening to Logos: A Prose Poetics in Heraclitus

The Divinity School

James Robert Covington
The Poetics of Translation in Greek Genesis and the Virtuous Plot

The Institute for Molecular Engineering

Youpeng Zhong
Violating Bell’s Inequality with Remotely-Connected Superconducting Qubits

The Law School

Marco Segatti
The Point of Equal Access to Justice: On the Duty to, at Times and Provisionally, Pause, Cool Down and Listen