Recent Dissertations

Please note that some authors choose to delay access to their dissertations for a limited period of time.

Knowledge@UChicago provides open access to most University of Chicago dissertations completed after Summer 2015. Limit to Format: Dissertation and then by collection, or search for a specific dissertation. Dissertation titles appear in the convocation programs.

Some of our dissertations are not available in Knowledge@UChicago, and these will be available from ProQuest. ProQuest's dissertation databases, PQDT Global and their subset, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses @ University of Chicago, provide comprehensive access. ProQuest processes dissertations within 12 weeks after the end of each quarter, so last quarter's dissertations may not be available through ProQuest yet.

Many academic institutions subscribe to ProQuest databases. Researchers who do not have access to ProQuest may place an interlibrary loan request for a dissertation through their library if they would like to view one of our dissertations that does not appear in Knowledge@UChicago.

Dissertations Completed after Summer 2015

Records in the Library Catalog provide online access via ProQuest and Knowledge@UChicago. The Library does not hold print copies.

Dissertations Completed Summer 2009-Summer 2015

Records in the Library Catalog provide online access through ProQuest for these dissertations. The Library does not hold print copies.

Records for the 2014 Autumn Quarter are not in the Library Catalog. The December 2014 list links to records in ProQuest.