Winter 2017

Winter Quarter Dissertations (March 2017)

Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine

Chang, Alan Lee
Cancer Biology
The CCL2 Chemokine Axis Recruits Regulatory T Cells and Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells in Glioblastoma Multiforme
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1RN35ZZ

Ishizuka, Isabel Emiko
Stages and Transcriptional Regulation of Innate Lymphoid Cell Development
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M17M060P

Kwan, Chun Wai
Organismal Biology and Anatomy
Functional Evolution of a Morphogenetic Gradient
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1H41PH7

Michaux, Jonathan
Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology
Dynamic control of pulsed contractions in the early C. elegans embryo
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/uchicago.1674

Rangaraj, Vittobai Rashika
Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition
Role of Chronotype in Type 2 Diabetes Risk
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1ZP449M

Santos, Alicja
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Motility of Unconventional Myosin Motors Reconstituted on Dynamic Actin Networks
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/uchicago.1668

Tabot, Gregg
Computational Neuroscience
Natural Proprioception and Artificial Touch
Institutional Repository: No

Division of the Humanities

Bandurski, Karolina
Romance Languages and Literatures
Representations of Monstrosity, Metamorphoses and Physical Deformity in Italian Renaissance Literature
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M13T9F9V

Bastermajian, Harry
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Emergence of the Global Armenian in Nineteenth-Century Istanbul
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/uchicago.1666

Bates, Tristan Heather
Comparative Literature
Spatializing the Neoliberal Turn: Turkish Novels of the Long 1980s
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/uchicago.1671

Berry, Brian John Dominguez
Comparative Literature
The Divided Skeptic: Samuel Beckett's Parody and Stanley Cavell's Interpretation of Philosophical Skepticism
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1J38QMM

Cohen, Jennifer R.
Art History
Surrealism and the Art of Consumption
Institutional Repository: No

Jagannathan, Dhananjay
The Labors of Wisdom
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1DB7ZWW

Lorenz, Megaera Callisto
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
The Role of Male Royal Offspring in 18th Dynasty Egypt
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1WD3XNV

O'Malley, Austin M
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
Poetry and Pedagogy: The Homiletic Verse of Farid al-Din ʿAṭṭâr
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/uchicago.1669

Sarvé-Tarr, Marin
Art History
Seizing the Everyday: Lettrist Film and the French Postwar Avant-Garde, 1946-1954
Institutional Repository: No

Taylor, Suzanne
English Language and Literature
In and Out of Character: Moral Action in the Eighteenth Century
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/uchicago.1667

Division of the Physical Sciences

Adams, Jonathan David
Product Branching in the Photodissociation of Chloroacetaldehyde and the Incorporation of Angular Momentum in Statistical Predictions of Product Branching
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M14T6GDS

Antipov, Sergey
Fast Transverse Beam Instability Caused by Electron Cloud Trapped in Combined Function Magnets
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1MW2F7N

Deng, Zhiyou
Colloidal Mercury Chalcogenide Quantum Dots, Intraband Transitions and Infrared Detection
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1SN071V

Hoerner, Marie
Geophysical Sciences
The Ecological and Evolutionary Dynamics of Species Introductions and Environmental Change: From East African Cichlids to the Great American Biotic Interchange
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/uchicago.1670

Jumper, John Michael
New Methods Using Rigorous Machine Learning for Coarse-Grained Protein Folding and Dynamics
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1BZ647N

Krizka, Karol
Searches for Sub-TeV Hadronic Resonances with the ATLAS Detector
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M18K774H

Langlois, Grant Gregory
Time-Resolved Surface Dynamics: Directed Reactivity, Extraterrestrial Ices, and Nerve Agent Simulants
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1G44NBD

Li, Bing
Aspects of MSSM Associated with Electroweak Baryogenesis
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1765CH7

Malachosky, Edward William
Solution and Substrate Assembly of Noble Metal Nanoparticles
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1S46Q1R

Olechnowicz, Frank
Synthesis and Reactivity of Low Coordinate Nickel Sulfide Complexes
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1NC5Z8K

Orlova, Tatiana
Computer Science
Solvation Signature in Hydrogen Bond Geometry of Protein Helices
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M13F4MSH

Sumaria, Chintan Shantilal
Cycloaddition Reactions of 1,2-Diazines and Siloxy Alkynes; The Development and Application of Chiral Deltic Ureas and Thiosquaramides as Dual Hydrogen-Bond Donor Catalysts
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/uchicago.1673

Wu, Miles Anthony King-Ting
Measurement of Collinear W Boson Emission from High Transverse Momenta Jets Using the ATLAS Detector
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1CC0XR2

Zhai, Feng
Synthesis and Reactivity of Group 10 Metal Olefin Polymerization Catalysts Bearing α-Diimine Ancillary Ligands
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1HM56J7

Division of the Physical Sciences and the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine

Ramirez San Juan, Guillermina
Biophysical Sciences
Cell migration, a multiscale integration process: Understanding the sub-cellular mechanisms of directed cell migration during contact guidance and elucidating the role of tissue scale migration in Drosophila egg chambers.
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1QN64TK

Division of the Social Sciences

Cost, Jay Phillip
Political Science
One Great American System: Madison, Hamilton, and the Problem of Republican Nationalism
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/uchicago.1672

Romeo, Emily Claire Kolmodin
The Virtuous and Violent Women of Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1125QQT

Yokota, Ryan Masaaki
Okinawan Postwar Nationalism(s): Independence, Autonomy, and Indigenousness, 1945-2008
Institutional Repository: No

Social Sciences & Humanities

Mayer, Tamar
Social Thought and Art History
Consequences of Drawing: Self and History in Jacques-Louis David's Preparatory Practices
Institutional Repository: No

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Stern, Matthew
Dynamic Learning in Strategic Games and Duality in Infinite Dimensional Optimization
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1057D05

Zhou, Shuang
Disclosure Dynamics and Investor Learning
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1KW5D38

The Divinity School

Reinsch, Andrew
Recogimiento and the Memory of God
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1NV9GB1

The Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies

Feng, Junchen
Essays on Learning Through Practice
Institutional Repository: 10.6082/M1VD6WJX

Sun, Yi
Technological Progress, Performance Gaps and Fuel Consumption Policy in the Chinese Automobile Market
Institutional Repository: No