GRAD Writing Room (Room 464)

GRAD Writing Room


A joint project of UChicagoGRAD and the Library, the GRAD Writing Room is intended to be a quiet, focused destination where graduate students and postdocs can write academic projects.

Access to the room is managed by UChicagoGRAD:

  • Graduate students and postdocs who have attended previous UChicagoGRAD write-ins or Writing Program events or have consulted Graduate Writing Consultants are eligible to use this space.
  • Room access is controlled electronically and requires a valid UChicago Card.
  • Students who qualify to use the space should request access by emailing, stating your name, your Chicago ID number (located on the back of your UChicago Card), and what writing program or service you have used. If you qualify for access, UChicagoGRAD will enable your UChicago Card electronically and notify you when you have access to the room.
  • If the room is full and more students are waiting to use the space, please be courteous and limit your writing hours for that day (e.g., stay for a couple of hours or a half-day, not all day).

Notes on Use of the Space:

  • Snacks and covered drinks (but not meals) are permitted in the GRAD Writing Room, per Library policy.
  • Please help maintain a supportive environment for scholarship (e.g., keep noise to a minimum).
  • Please be respectful of other people's space and give everyone a chance to spread materials around their laptop as necessary.
  • When listening to music or other audio, always use headphones and keep the volume low.
  • Please remember to carry your UChicago Card with you when you leave the space (e.g., making a copy or using the restroom). If you are locked out, please ask for assistance from the Circulation Supervisor on the 1st Floor.

Use of Lockers:

  • Lockers are available for rent. To request a locker, please visit the ID & Privileges Office located on the 1st floor of Regenstein near the Entry Control Desk.

Nearby Facilities:

  • Restrooms are located between the passenger elevators and the main staircase on the 4th Floor.
  • A multifunction copier/scanner is located near the entrance to the 4th floor bookstacks.