Regenstein Faculty Studies

Overview of Regenstein Faculty Studies

The Faculty Study wing on the east side of the Regenstein Library houses 220 studies ranging in size from 55 to 110 square feet. The studies are available to eligible users for rental by the academic quarter. Studies will be assigned for up to four quarters, with options for renewal.

If tenured, the rental fee is $150 per quarter. If not tenured or emeritus, the rental fee is $75 per quarter.

Faculty Study Policies

In addition to the policies for Maintaining a Scholarly Environment, faculty members who rent a faculty study in Regenstein agree to the following policies. Repeated or serious violations of these policies may result in the termination of a faculty study assignment.

  • Assignments are made exclusively to individual faculty members and for their sole use. Studies may not be shared or sublet, or used for meetings or consultations with other faculty, students, assistants, or other patrons. To ensure compliance with this policy, only one key will be issued to each renter.
  • Unloaned Library materials are not allowed in faculty studies. All circulating Library materials must be properly checked out while kept in a study, and materials that do not circulate may not be kept in studies. The Checkout UChicago app allows users to check out material using their smartphone anywhere in the Library, including faculty studies.
  • Study holders are expected to work quietly, and to refrain from making noise or engage in business that may disturb neighboring study holders.
  • Cell phones and other mobile devices should be silenced in the studies and use limited to text and data. Talking on cell phones is permitted on the 1st Floor and A Level of Regenstein only.
  • Appliances or equipment with heating elements or that otherwise might represent an electrical or fire hazard are prohibited, including but not limited to space heaters, rice cookers, tea kettles, hot plates, and other devices used to warm or cook food or beverages.
  • Study doors should be locked whenever the study is left unattended. The Library is not responsible for lost, missing, or damaged property.

Faculty Study Inspections

Studies are inspected periodically by Library staff. Any unloaned Library materials will be removed from the study and reshelved.

Rental Terms


Studies will be assigned only to persons in the following three categories:

  • Category I: Full-time faculty with ranks from Instructor through Professor, Emeritus Faculty, and persons appointed as Visiting Faculty.
  • Category II: Full-time Research Associates with parenthetical faculty rank, full-time Senior Research Associates, and full-time Senior Lecturers
  • Category III: Visiting Scholars and Laboratory School Teachers

Assignments will be made to applicants in Category I before applications in Category II are considered. When Category II applications have been filled, those in Category III will be addressed.

Key Policies

A deposit of $50 will be required for the study key. A refund will be issued upon return of the key at the end of the study assignment. Only one key will be issued to each renter.

If the key is lost during the rental period, the initial deposit is forfeited and an additional $50 deposit will be required to replace the lost key.

End of Study Assignment

The study holder should remove all personal items from the study by the last day of the rental period and turn in the key to the ID & Privileges Office. If the key has not been returned by the end of the rental period, Library staff is authorized to clear the study in order to make it available to another person without delay, to change the lock, and to retain the key deposit.

More Information about Faculty Studies

Access Outside of Building Hours

Study holders may remain in the study wing after Regenstein has closed, including during holiday closures.

Study holders do not have access to the reading room collections or to other parts of the building when Regenstein is closed.

Entry to Regenstein Outside of Building Hours

To access your study after the building closes, tap your UChicago ID at the card reader by one of the designated doors, which will then unlock briefly.

Card readers are located at both automatic doors at the south entrance as well as the east entrance doors.

Proceed into the lobby and tap your ID at the entry gates as usual.

Restroom Access

Restrooms in the study wing remain locked to discourage unnecessary traffic in the wing. The study key will open the restrooms.


To have wastebaskets or recycling containers emptied, please leave them outside of your study.

Email to request cleaning of the study or visit the ID & Privileges Office.


Wireless internet is available throughout the study wing.

Thermostat Instructions

To operate the thermostat in a faculty study:

  • Press the "Override" button when you enter to activate "Override Mode." (Override mode lasts for 12 hours.)
  • Change temperature using arrows. It is preset at 68°F when in override mode and can be raised or lowered between 62°F and 74°F.
  • The "Heat" indicator will be on when the thermostat is operating. (The "Cool" indicator will not be on, even in summer months.)

In "Unoccupied mode" the temperature cannot be adjusted.The "Override" button toggles between "Unoccupied Mode" and "Override Mode."Email with questions or to report issues or visit the ID & Privileges Office.

Regenstein faculty study thermostat instructions diagram
Thermostat instructions

Report Issues with a Faculty Study

Email to report any issues with a faculty study, including issues with thermostats, cleaning requests, lost keys, etc.

Study holders are also welcome to visit the ID & Privileges Office in person to report an issue.