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Self-Checkout at Circulation - The Checkout UChicago Kiosk

All borrowers can check out materials at Regenstein using the Checkout UChicago kiosks.

Law School borrowers can use the kiosk at D'Angelo.

Using the Checkout UChicago Kiosk

  1. Scan your UChicago Card or Library Card at the kiosk screen.
  2. Scan your items, one at a time, on the deactivation station. Wait for the green "success" light.
  3. Touch the “Finish” button on the kiosk screen when done to end your session and log out.

An email receipt will be sent listing the items you've checked out.

Self-Checkout In Your Pocket - The Checkout UChicago App

The Checkout UChicago app is a fast, easy way to check out materials from the University of Chicago Library with your smartphone or tablet.

With the Checkout UChicago app, you can check out books and store them in your locker or faculty study without having to bring them to Circulation.

Who Can Use the Checkout UChicago App?

Current UChicago students, faculty, and staff, as well as alumni with a CNetID and borrowing privileges.

Other users with borrowing privileges may use the self-checkout kiosks.

Download the App

Download the app with the buttons below or search for “Checkout UChicago” in your app store. Allow Checkout UChicago to access your camera and send notifications.

Using the Checkout UChicago App

Login once the app is downloaded

  1. Login with your CNetID and password.
  2. Verify your login with Two Factor Authentication.
  3. Press the "Start" button.

Check out items

  1. In the checkout screen, use the “+” button to bring up the camera to scan items.
  2. Scan item barcodes to check them out to your Library account.
  3. Touch the “Finish” button when done. An email receipt will be sent listing the items you've checked out.

No further action is needed if you wish to store your loans in a locker or faculty study within the library.

Deactivate items

If you want to leave the library with items checked out with the app, you'll need to deactivate them so they don't trigger an alarm.

At Regenstein and D'Angelo, use the Checkout UChicago kiosk to deactivate items:

  1. Do not scan your card, as the items are already checked out via the app.
  2. Simply scan the items on the deactivation station to confirm they are checked out. Wait for the green "success" light.

At other campus libraries, bring checked out items to Circulation staff to be deactivated.

Returning items

Items borrowed via Checkout UChicago must be renewed or returned like any other Library item. Once an item is checked out via the app, you are responsible for it until it is properly returned.

See Renewing & Returning Items for more information.

Questions & Feedback

Do you have questions about Checkout UChicago or want to give us feedback?

Contact Circulation