McCune-Reischauer Romanization System

모음 Roman 자음 Initial Medial Final
a k k, g (between vowels and after m, n, ng, l), ng (before m,n,l) k
ya n n, l (when preceded or followed by l) n
ŏ t t, d (between vowels) t
n r (between vowels), I (before all other consonants and after m, I), n (after other consonants) l
o m m m
yo p b (between vowels), m (before m, n, l), p (before and after all other consonants) p
u s, sh (before wi) s, sh (before wi), n (before m, n, l) t
yu Not romanized Not romanized, ng (as syllabic final) ng
ŭ ch j (between vowels, and after m, n, ng), ch (after all other consonants) t
i ch' ch'
ae k' k'
yae t' t'
e p' p'
ye h h
oe kk kk
wi tt tt
ŭi pp pp
wa ss ss
wae tch tch