About the Korean Collection

About the Korean Collection

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The traditional Korean Bongsan masked dance
봉산 탈춤 (Pongsan t'alch'um)
Understanding North Korea Through Stamps

The Korean collection covers a wide range of subjects in the social sciences and humanities, with special emphasis on Korean History and Literature to reflect and support the research and teaching interests of faculty and graduate students. The collection is specifically committed to the following areas: the Korean War, the division of the Korean peninsula, North Korea, Korean literature and movies, and colonial Korea in general—including censorship, women, and colonial Korean literature. A number of primary digital collections have been developed in-house, including Korean Colonial Period Postcard Collection (UChicago affiliates only), North Korean Stamp Collection, or are available via full texts. These collections are currently available through the Library website and LUNA.

In 1995, the University of Chicago library joined the Korean Collections Consortium of North America (KCCNA) which enabled us to develop our holdings in the subjects of welfare, industry, environment, politics, novels written in classical Chinese, Koreans in Chinese, and Koreans living in Chicago under Korea Studies subjects.

Korean Collections Consortium of North America (KCCNA)

KCCNA consists of 13 leading Korean Studies Collections in North America to support its cooperative collection development and resource sharing program. KCCNA members make available Korean Studies scholarly resources, and provide library services to optimize access and uses of the Korean Studies collections.