Visiting Crerar Library

Services & Policies Have Changed

Library services and policies on this page have been updated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The John Crerar Library is the science library of the University of Chicago, and has collections in physical, biological, medical, and technological sciences. At this time, all services in Crerar are limited to current students, staff, and faculty of the University of Chicago.


Crerar Library is located at 5730 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL 60637. For Crerar's location relative to the rest of campus, see the Map Detail for the John Crerar Library.


For information about Crerar's Building and Circulation hours, see Libraries & Hours.

Who Can Visit the Library?

At this time, only current students, staff, and faculty of the University of Chicago have access to Crerar.

The building is also home to the Department of Computer Science, the Media Arts, Data and Design Center (MADD), the Computer Science Instructional Laboratory (CSIL), PSD Graphic Arts, and Peaches Cafe @ University. For information about visiting these departments, contact them directly.

Unaffiliated Researchers

At this time, we are not able to provide access to our physical or electronic collections to unaffiliated researchers. We recommend reaching out to your local public library about interlibrary loan options.

Unaffiliated Medical Students

Medical students enrolled at schools other than the University of Chicago cannot currently study at Crerar or any campus library.

Corporate Members

As we're not able to provide on-site services for current corporate members, we've suspended expiration dates until we can provide access again. For more questions about corporate membership, email