Call Number Guide

Call Number Floor
Q Lower Level
QA Lower Level
QB Lower Level
QC Lower Level
QD Lower Level
QE Lower Level
QH-RZ Lower Level
S Lower Level
T-TL Lower Level
TN-TX Lower Level
Dewey Decimal 000-589 Lower Level
Dewey Decimal 590-999 Lower Level
Harvard-Yenching Lower Level
Non LC-classed M and T Lower Level

As of mid-February, 2017, Crerar's collection has been moved to the Lower Level West. If you need assistance finding a specific item, please see circulation staff or use the "Can't Find It?" link from the library catalog.

A small reference and unbound journal collection remains on the first floor.

Dewey Decimal 000-999

Books with Dewey Decimal System call numbers are shelved on the lower level after the Library of Congress call numbers (Q-TZ) and non-Library of Congress Ms and Ts.  Many books in the Dewey Collection have an L preceding the call number indicating the item is a larger than standard size, but most of these are shelved with the regular sized material.