X. Sexual Orientation: Psychology and Physiology

106. Psychology--early works, "deviance"

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107. Biological bases of sexual orientation

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108. Psychology of gays and lesbians

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2653. Oosterwijck, D. van, Belgium, and European Court of Human Rights. Affaire van Oosterwijck : 1. décision du 27 février 1980, 2. arrêt du 6 novembre 1980 = Van Oosterwijck case : 1. decision of 27 February 1980, 2. judgment of 6 November 1980. Strasbourg: Greffe de la Cour, Conseil de l'Europe, 1981. 31, 31 p.

French and English. "Case ... referred to the Court by the Government of the Kingdom of Belgium and by the European Commission of Human Rights"--P. 5.

LawB KD19.C8A305 v.40.

Oosterwijck, D. van/Sex change--Law and legislation--Belgium/Birth certificates--Belgium.

2654. European Commission of Human Rights. D. Van Oosterwijck against Belgium : report of the Commission, adopted 1 March 1979. Strasbourg: Council of Europe, 1979? ii, 38 p.

LawB KD19.C8A26O6 1979.

Oosterwijck, D. van/Transsexuals--Legal status, laws, etc--Belgium.

2655. Québec (Province) Office de révision du Code civil Comité sur le nom des personnes humaines. Rapport sur le nom et l'identité physique de la personne humaine = Report on the name and physical identity of human persons. Montréal: Office de révision du Code civil, 1975. iii, 76 p. (Rapports des comités soumis à l'Office de révision du Code civil, 35).

English and French.

Law XXKEQ230.A72R4770.

Names, Personal--Law and legislation--Québec (Province)/Sex change--Law and legislation--Québec (Province).