Importing Course Reserves Lists From Previous Courses

Getting Started

Because the software for Library Reserves operates in conjunction with but independently of course management software, the process for importing items from a previous University of Chicago reserve list is the same - regardless of whether the course was created in Canvas or Chalk.

To begin, you must have a Canvas site for your course. To request a site, go to

Once you have a course in Canvas, log in to Canvas with your CNetID. Select your course.

Once in your course, choose "Library Reserves" in the left menu.

Screenshot of the Course menu in Canvas, highlighting the location of the link for Library Reserves
Locating Library Reserves in Canvas

Then, select the quarter you would like reserves to be available.

Screenshot of the Library Reserves submenu for selecting a quarter in Canvas
Selecting a quarter for library reserves in Canvas

This will open the course reserves module.

Importing Items Previously on Reserve

If you have taught a course before or would like to reuse material from a different course, you can upload items from previous reserve lists.

After navigating to Add Reserve Items, select the course which holds the items you would like to place on reserve.

Screenshot of the Add Reserve Items menu in Library Reserves. The bottom half shows "Import items from a previously taught course" and lists details of courses from past quarters.
Import items from a previously taught course in Library Reserves

Check each item that you would like to import to your new course and change the availability dates. Please note that leaving the availability dates unchanged will interfere with making the items available in time for your current course.

Click "Import" to add them to your current course's reserve list.

Screenshot of the "Import" tool in the Library Reserves software, noting the boxes for select item and availability start/stop dates.
Importing Library Reserves items from a previous course

Checking the Status of Reserves Items

Once you have submitted your reserve items, they will display in a list within your account. You can check the processing status of items in your list, making any changes as needed.

You can also register for e-mail notices through the Library Course Reserves Management system. An e-mail will be sent to you whenever your course reserves are updated by you, your TAs, or Library reserves staff. Your students can also sign up for this feature so they can learn when reserve items are available.