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Selected Rare Book Collections

Rare Book Collections Digital Highlights

Adventures in the Soviet Imaginary: Children's Books and Graphic Arts
Art in the Stacks: Selections from Special Collections
The Berlin Collection
A Book by Its Cover: Decorative Book Bindings from the Medieval Codex to Contemporary Artists' Books
Book Use, Book Theory, 1500-1700
Censorship and Information Control: From Printing Press to Internet
The Chicagoan: A Lost Magazine of the Jazz Age
Chopin Early Editions
Concrete Poetry, Concrete Book: Artists' Books in German-Speaking Space after 1945
Eastern European Jews in the German-Jewish Imagination
En Guerre: French Illustrators and World War I
Firmness, Commodity, and Delight: Architecture in Special Collections
The Graphics of Revolution and War: Iranian Poster Arts
Homer in Print: The Transmission and Reception of Homer's Works
Images of Prayer, Politics, and Everyday Life from the Harry and Branka Sondheim Jewish Heritage Collection
My Life is an Open Book: DIY Autobiography
Poetic Associations: The Nineteenth-Century English Poetry Collection of Dr. Gerald N. Wachs
Printing for the Modern Age: Commerce, Craft, and Culture in the RR Donnelley Archive 
Race and the Design of American Life: African Americans in Twentieth-Century Commercial Art
Reading the Greens: Books on Golf from the Arthur W. Schultz Collection
Recipes for Domesticity: Cookery, Household Management, and the Notion of Expertise
Red Press: Radical Print Culture from St. Petersburg to Chicago
Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae
Tensions in Renaissance Cities