Alumni of the University of Chicago


ALERT: Library Spaces Closed to Patrons

All Library spaces are currently closed to patrons except for the Regenstein lobby pickup area.

Only patrons with scheduled appointments for on-site services may enter the outer lobby of Regenstein.

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Alumni of the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago Library offers alumni of the University access to all campus libraries and the option of purchasing borrowing privileges. In addition, access to a group of specially licensed databases is available online from off-campus locations.

We expect all users to abide by the policies and principles expressed in the Library's statement of User Rights and Responsibilities for Creating and Sustaining a Scholarly Environment. All Library users are also responsible for keeping their personal contact information up to date. 

We are committed to providing access to both our physical and electronic resources to users with disabilities; for more information see Services for Users with Disabilities

Accessing Campus Libraries

All University of Chicago graduates are eligible for access to the Library free of charge and have the option to purchase borrowing privileges. To obtain a library card after graduation, please visit the ID & Privileges Office in person.

Graduates of the Laboratory School and Members of the Alumni Association with an "X" status are able to establish access to the library free of charge and have the option to purchase borrowing privileges once they have obtained their University of Chicago Alumni Association card.

To renew existing access privileges, please contact the ID & Privileges Office.

Accessing Electronic Resources

Alumni may access most of the Library’s electronic resources only while in Library buildings, due to site licensing agreements. Access to a group of specially licensed databases is available online from off-campus locations.

While in Library buildings, Alumni may use Library computers or the Library’s wireless network to access electronic resources and networked printing using their CNetID. Alumni who do not already have a CNetID can claim a CNetID online.


Alumni may choose to purchase quarterly borrowing privileges. Alumni with borrowing privileges may borrow up to 25 items concurrently.

To establish borrowing privileges, please visit the ID & Privileges Office in the lobby of the Joseph Regenstein Library.

Alumni Fees for Purchasing Borrowing Privileges (up to 25 concurrent items)

Fees are based on the year you received your degree, and may be purchased for either a quarter or a year at a time.

Degree Received Per Quarter Per Year
Within previous year $50 $175
More than one year ago $75 $250

Restrictions to Alumni Borrowing Privileges

Purchasing borrowing privileges does not give alumni off-campus access to subscription services, due to site-licensing agreements. However, access to a group of specially licensed databases is available online from off-campus locations, regardless of borrowing privileges.

Alumni are not eligible to use the Library's Interlibrary Loan or Scan & Deliver services.

Renewing Alumni Borrowing Privileges

You can renew borrowing privileges in any of the following ways:

  • by phone: call the ID & Privileges Office and pay with a credit card (Visa or Mastercard accepted)
  • by mail: send a personal check along with your full name, library barcode, email address, current mailing address (if changed), and the type and term of privileges being purchased to the ID & Privileges Office
  • in person: visit the ID & Privileges Office to submit your payment in person

Spouses and Domestic Partners of Alumni

Spouses and domestic partners of alumni with active library accounts are eligible for free access privileges.

To establish privileges, alumni must accompany their spouse/domestic partner to the ID & Privileges Office in person.

Privileges must be renewed annually in person or by contacting the ID & Privileges Office.

Guests of Alumni

Alumni are welcome to bring guests with them to the Library by requesting a visitor pass.

To request a visitor pass, alumni and their guest(s) must present valid IDs at the ID & Privileges Office or any circulation desk.

Visitor passes are for short-term use only (1-2 days). Guests who wish to conduct extended research using the University of Chicago Library collections may apply for extended privileges, following the same procedures as members of the public who wish to conduct extended research.