Researchers from Other Colleges & Universities

COVID-19 Information for Visitors

Regenstein, Mansueto, Crerar, and Eckhart libraries are open to visitors.

In order to provide broad yet safe access to all, visitors to the University of Chicago Library, including alumni, guests and family members of UChicago faculty, students, and staff, as well as researchers affiliated with other academic institutions, will be asked to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a recent COVID-19 test.

See COVID-19 Information for Visitors for more information.

COVID-19 protocols in Library buildings

Everyone in library buildings is expected to follow the current University of Chicago COVID-19 health requirements.

Masks recommended

The University recommends that individuals wear a mask in indoor settings when others are present.

If you are a researcher from another academic institution, there are several ways you can access the University of Chicago Library.

Researchers will need to visit the ID & Privileges Office to establish privileges. All researchers from other institutions must have a valid, government-issued photo ID and valid institutional ID for access to the Library.

Access privileges grant entry to all campus libraries during regular building hours unless otherwise stated, while specific borrowing privileges depend on the affiliation. For users who are eligible for borrowing privileges, see our Borrowing Policies for more information.

Many academic institutions have reciprocal privileges with our Library. To determine if you are a member of an affiliated institution, see below for Privileges for Researchers from Affiliated Institutions.

Privileges for Researchers from any Academic Institution

Faculty, students, and staff from any academic institution are eligible for the following privileges at the University of Chicago Library.


Tenured and tenure track faculty are eligible for quarterly access privileges at no charge and may purchase borrowing privileges for $200 per quarter (limited to 25 concurrent items).

Adjunct, part-time, and non-tenure track faculty are eligible for quarterly access privileges at no charge. They are not eligible to purchase borrowing privileges.

Students and Staff

Students and staff are eligible for up to 7 visitor passes per calendar year and may apply to purchase extended access privileges. See Visitors to the Library for more information.

Electronic Resources, Library Computers, & Wireless

Visitors may access the Library’s electronic resources only while in Library buildings, due to site licensing agreements.

While in Library buildings, visitors may use Library computers and the uchicago wireless network to access electronic resources. Visitors need to request guest credentials for Library computers and wireless access from the ID & Privileges Office.

See Computers and Wireless for more information.

Services for Users with Disabilities

See Services for Users with Disabilities if you need assistance in accessing our collections.

Maintaining a Scholarly Environment

We expect all users to abide by all Library policies, including those listed in Maintaining a Scholarly Environment.

As a private institution, the University of Chicago Library reserves the right to bar anyone from any or all parts of its premises. Disruptive or inappropriate behavior or any other violations of Library policies may result in suspension of visitor access.

Privileges for Researchers from Affiliated Institutions

See the links below for to determine if you are a member of an affiliated instiution.