The Last Major Article by Chanute

The last major article written by Chanute was titled simply Recent Progress in Aviation. First published in the Journal of the Western Society of Engineers, it almost seemed like a closing chapter. Chanute witnessed, aviation grow from the fragile, "cranky" gliders to the Wrights' first controlled, sustained flight in 1903 and later successful flights in 1905. Chanute lived to see aviation spreading throughout the world. In 1909 Chanute happily learned that Bleriot had crossed the English Channel, and Glenn Curtiss was building aeroplanes which eclipsed those of the Wrights.

In 1979 the United States Postal Service issued a 21¢ stamp honoring Octave Chanute and his biplane hang-glider. Artwork by Ken Dallison. VA-30-604. Stamp on display courtesy of Simine Short.