The Next Step

By 1895, the first phase of Chanute’s own aeronautical career was complete. The time had come to go beyond speeches, conferences and theoretical studies. To maintain his leadership in American aeronautical community, he began active gliding experiments.

A model of Octave Chanute's 1895 “Ladder-kite”, flown at Huron Street Beach in the spring of 1895, is on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

A decorated book cover with the portrait of an older man above the words "The John Crerar Library - Chicago" with a handwritten note at the bottom: "Estate of Octave Chanute."
Book plate from La Navigation Aerienne L'Aviation et la Direction des Aerostats dan les temps anciens et modernes

By Gaston Tissandier, Paris, 1886.

Chanute's collection of some one thousand volumes and pamphlets on aviation and engineering were given by the heirs to the John Crerar Library early in 1911. Most of these items are still available for research at the current John Crerar Library and Special Collection at Regenstein. This bookplate represents the holding.

An exhibit case holding papers, books, and photographs.
Photo of Exhibit Case

Courtesy of Anna Hasior.