Storage Collections

To request a book from D'Angelo Law Storage, click on the "Request from DLL Storage" link in the Library Catalog record for the item. The item's information will be filled out automatically. You will just need to provide your contact information.

If you can’t find the item record you’re looking for in the Library Catalog, you can also fill out a blank version of the D'Angelo Law storage paging form.

D'Angelo Law Library Storage Collections

The D'Angelo Law Library maintains several storage collections. Law materials shelved in storage include: pre-1978 law treatises, state session laws, and official reports; faculty and alumni publications; some foreign law materials; and rare books. Items located in a storage collection will have one of the following collection locations in the library's online catalog:

  • D'Angelo Law, Storage Collection
  • D'Angelo Law, North Annex Collection
  • D'Angelo Law, South Annex Collection
  • D'Angelo Law, Alumni Collection
  • D'Angelo Law, Chicago Collection
  • D'Angelo Law, Rare Book Room

How do I obtain materials from a D'Angelo Law Library storage collection?

D'Angelo Law's storage collections are in closed stacks accessible only to D'Angelo Law Library staff. Patrons who wish to consult materials in the storage collections may request the desired items from storage using the D’Angelo Law Library paging request form. D’Angelo Law Library pages from storage collections daily  Monday through Friday. Paging requests may be submitted during evenings and weekends but will not be handled until the next business day. Requests are made as follows:

When will an item paged from the D'Angelo Law Library storage collections be available?

  • Patrons will receive an email within 24 hours of submission of their paging request, notifying them either that the material is being held for them at Law Circulation or that the item could not be located. 
  • If the item could not be located, a search for it will be initiated.  The patron will be notified by email if the item is found. 

Do materials in D'Angelo Law Library storage collections circulate outside of the library?

  • Most materials located in the D'Angelo Law Library storage collections circulate upon patron request.
  • Primary law materials, such as state legislative materials, only circulate to faculty and to law students' assigned carrels. Other patrons may page building use only items for use in the library.
  • Items in the D'Angelo Law Rare Book Rooms do not circulate.