Carrels & Lockers


The Library has a limited number of assigned carrels on the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors for use by research assistants, law students in seminar courses, students working on law journals, and others with special research needs. Most D'Angelo Law Library materials may be charged to carrels or offices in the D'Angelo Law Library. These include books that are building use only such as law reports and advance sheets, codes, and multiple volume sets. In addition to being subject to regular recall, a book charged to a carrel may be removed briefly for the use of another patron. Books charged to carrels may not be taken out of the D'Angelo Law Library. Carrels are assigned to law students quarterly by the Head of Access Services. Complete the online application form to request the use of a carrel in the D'Angelo Law Library.


Library lockers are located in the northeast corner of the second and third floors. Two types of lockers are available: laptop lockers, which are smaller and each equipped with an electrical outlet, and bookbag lockers, which are large enough to accommodate a bookbag and/or coat. Locker keys may be checked out at the Circulation Desk.